Wild Rift’s ARAM Mode to Receive Buffs and Balance Changes

by in League of Legends | Apr, 21st 2021

ARAM is awesome, but it needed some buffs and changes in Wild Rift. We didn’t get to play it very long, but last week, ARAM came back to Wild Rift for more tests. It’s only there for a limited time, but it has some buffs that you might be interested in seeing! For the most part, the April 20 update to Wild Rift brought some damage buffs to a variety of champions, but there were some other minor quality of life changes to be aware of.

Hit Hard, Hit Often:

The worst part of ARAM was probably the wait. When you load in and are assigned a champion, there was a 65-second wait on the Champion Select screen. That was way, way too long. It’s been reduced by 15 seconds, which counts (to us) as one of the Wild Rift buffs in ARAM. The game assigns you the champion on its own, so you don’t really have to think too hard about who to play. You need time to consider a re-roll or trade, and that’s it. 

As we journey into the Howling Abyss though, many champs weren’t hitting quite hard enough. These changes seem to be only in Howling Abyss (ARAM) in Wild Rift, so don’t expect these buffs to be in Ranked. The below champions all receive +10% overall increased damage, but before that, a few champs also got their damage received increased. This will make them even squisher, and less overwhelming to play against.

Damage Buff (Given and Received):

  • Lux
  • Seraphine
  • Sona
  • Ziggs

As you can see, it’s all AP casters/supports that received this nerf. They still hit 10% harder, but they also take 10% more damage. It was very frustrating to come across teams of all AP casters (or mostly casters), due to their reach and damage. Now, while they do hit even harder now, at least you can smack them for more too.

Damage Buffed Champions:

  • Akali
  • Camilla
  • Corki
  • Evelynn
  • Fiora
  • Jax
  • Kai’Sa
  • Shyvana
  • Tryndamere
  • Vayne
  • Vi
  • Zed

See all those AD champs? They were feeling very underpowered – take it from me. It was never fun to play champs without reach into champs with reach. Now all those awesome, sneaky AD jerks got buffs in Wild Rift’s ARAM mode. You aren’t getting lower cooldowns or anything, these are just flat, useful buffs. Nothing wrong with that! Don’t miss out on this limited-time venture into ARAM! There are other buffs for champs, new skins, and more in the patch notes, which you can find here.


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