Wild Rift World Championship Confirmed for 2021

by in Teamfight Tactics | May, 5th 2021

The 2021 Wild Rift World Championship has just been confirmed by Riot which, needless to say, is downright historic if you’re a fan of this awe-inspiring mobile MOBA (and mobile gaming in general)! We already knew Riot had something big in the pipeline for the end of 2021, but a bonafide World Championship? That’s pretty much as big as it gets. And, frankly, it’s a testament to just how much potential Wild Rift has and how big it has already become.

Mobile titles like Arena of Valor and PUBG Mobile have been earning a lot more money than League of Legends, so it stands to reason that Riot would want to speed things up as much as possible and basically create as many tournaments out of thin air as they can. Fortunately, they’re well-equipped for the task at hand. Moreover, if they want a simple, surefire solution, they can just clone the existing seasonal structure from League of Legends and call it a day. Mobile MOBAs are all the rage in the biggest markets in the world and a thriving esports scene will only further strengthen their position and guarantee a financially lucrative future as well.

It’s Not “Just” About Worlds

A host of regional Wild Rift tournaments will also take place in the near future, with the first one being (tentatively) scheduled for June. All regional champions will be directly seeded into the upcoming World Championship, so there’s quite a lot on the line. While we’re still talking about a fairly nascent structure, Riot will surely invest ample time and resources into the whole thing and deliver an experience worth talking about. 

Seeing how Wild Rift is pretty much a miniaturized version of full-fledged League, it stands to reason that it’ll be about as exciting to watch as the real thing. The game itself is staggeringly entertaining and, as if that wasn’t enough, has near full feature parity. Well, at least if you’re a casual player and just want to experience LoL on-the-go. Heck, they’ve even added ARAM into the mix as well!

All in all, we’ll keep you updated once the folks over at Riot decide to share more information!  


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