Wild Rift Origin Series Officially Announced

by in League of Legends | May, 20th 2021

If you’re hooked on Wild Rift (like most of us), then you’ll be happy to know that you’ll soon be able to prove your worth and clash off against the crème de la crème in Riot’s inaugural Origin Series tournament

Teams from Europe, North America, CIS, Turkey, and the Middle East will all compete in a set of monthly, Best of 3 double elimination tournaments, running across three months (June—August). The best ones will then face off for all the marbles in September! And, well, what would a tournament be without a sizable prize pool to generate even more interest? The first-ever Wild Rift Origin Series will have a whopping €300,000 on the line — a seismic number. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, make sure to sign up before June 1 on the official website

Wild Rift — The Sky’s the Limit

Now, it’s no secret that Wild Rift has taken the world by storm. It is, in fact, quite an astonishing title and a true testament to the skill and talent of the Wild Rift dev team. Transmuting the world’s most popular MOBA onto mobile devices is a huge undertaking, and it’s impossible not to stand in awe at just how spectacular of a job Riot has done.

Naturally, a full-fledged competitive scene was always in the cards — Wild Rift Origin Series is just the beginning of a much bigger, more grandiose plan. And if an intercontinental tournament sounds “trivial,” how about a bona fide World Championship? The fact that Riot plans on organizing the mother of all tournaments should come as no surprise given the amount of hype and momentum their mobile MOBA has been able to generate in record time. 

The game’s been praised beyond measure ever since it was released. There’s a good reason why: Wild Rift is an amazing achievement and will undoubtedly continue growing in popularity over the coming months and years. 


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