Wild Rift Adds Battle Pass in April Update

by in League of Legends | Mar, 23rd 2021

In the April Update of Wild Rift, a Battle Pass called the “Wild Pass” is going to be coming to the game. This came to light in the latest Dev Diary, where Jane Chen went over the important parts of the 2.2 update in general. Unique is certainly a word for it. At the launch of the second Ranked season in April, this Wild Pass will be a way for players to level up and also earn loot, and things like in-game currency. However, there’s a bit of a catch.

Wild Pass: What’s In It?

You don’t have to pay anything to unlock the Wild Pass, like any other good Battle Pass system. Just by using the free track, you unlock Blue Motes and Poro Coins for free. There are other rewards, locked behind the free version. This is a free-to-play game after all, so that’s not a big surprise. Awesome skins, emotes, in-game currency, icons, baubles, and other cosmetics can be unlocked as you progress.

However, to get those loot rewards, you have to buy the Wild Pass to get the premium rewards (the good stuff). The Wild Rift Battle Pass has 50 levels, with the exclusive Hexplorer Jax skin waiting at the end. Even if you get to Level 50, you can progress further, receiving other rewards, like Skin Crates. You’ll need to spend Wild Cores to upgrade the pass. But if you want to go faster, there’s another option.

Wild Pass Elite is another version of the Wild Rift Battle Pass. It unlocks the premium rewards as normal, starts you with 5 levels already unlocked, and Bonus Elite Missions, which will help speed up the leveling process in the Battle Pass. The Wild Pass (or any Battle Pass) has long-since been rumored but isn’t a shock that it came to life so soon. It’s the most common monetization practice in free-to-play games right now, so seeing seasonal Battle Passes isn’t going to be a surprise. Only when they show up every couple of weeks with a new one, would it wind up being a negative.


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