Why Was Vorax Fusion Valorant Squad Disqualified From The First Strike Finals?

by in Valorant | Dec, 4th 2020

We never like to see a team disqualified from a major tournament. This goes double for something as new and big as Valorant’s First Strike. So when we heard Vorax Fusion was disqualified from the Valorant finals, we looked into it. Thankfully it wasn’t something like cheating, match-fixing, or anything like that. The Brazilian team set to face off against Havan Liberty, Vorax Fusion have been disqualified. Since the First Strike finals will be an offline event, we can’t have people with COVID-19 attending.

We were talking about Valorant’s First Strike finals yesterday. Today, we have to give some sad news about a fantastic Brazilian team.

Should This Have Been An Online Event?

In this current health climate? Yes, absolutely. Brazil’s Valorant competitive scene is a heated one, but having COVID-19 prevents a squad from going to an online event – or should. Sadly, Vorax Fusion was disqualified from Valorant’s First Strike ahead of the finals because the team tested positive for COVID-19.

The Brazilian Region First Strike Finals will be played offline, which is a bold decision. Perhaps Brazil lacks quality online connections to make it possible. It’s not our place to say. What we can say is that it is still a very foolish decision to hold an offline LAN event when a dangerous pandemic is sweeping the entire globe.

Vorax Fusion’s Leonardo “fzkk” Puertas tested positive for COVID-19, and another unnamed player has also displayed symptoms. Riot Brazil made a statement with the ruling, which said the following:

“After the player Leonardo “fzkk” Puertas was diagnosed with COVID-19, another Vorax Fusion athlete had a positive indication for the presence of the virus in the RT-PCR protocol carried out by the organization of the event the day before the competition started. Riot Games counts on the support of a consultancy specialized in the implementation of preventive norms for COVID-19 and in the sanitization of the event environments and has tested all players daily.”

Vorax Fusion understood the decision to be disqualified from the Valorant event because the safety of others is far more important. Perhaps this would not have been an issue should the event be held online instead, but the team would still require further quarantine. We hate to see it, but Vorax Fusion are incredible players from what we’ve seen. They’ll get their time in the sun next time we think.


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