Why Shroud Doesn’t Want to Run an Esports Org

by in Entertainment | Dec, 6th 2021

So many big names have been involved in the creation of an esports org, but not Shroud. When talking about his motivations for streaming, Michael “Shroud” Grezesiek made it perfectly clear, that that isn’t the end game for him. He’s one of the best names in the FPS genre, end of discussion. So if Shroud isn’t interested in running or founding an esports org, that’s perfectly fine. What leads Shroud to stick in content creation, instead of aspiring to something greater, or perhaps more challenging?

“I Don’t Like Work, That’s Why I Stream” – Shroud

There’s always speculation around a pro starting an esports org, whether it’s Shroud or someone else. However, it’s not something that you can just do. There is so much to create an esports org. You need financing, players, coaches, people to advertise/market it, and that’s just the start. In a recent stream, Shroud went over exactly this, in a way this writer can absolutely respect:

“How about owning a team? Too much work. You guys gotta realize, I don’t like work, that’s why I stream. Working sucks. So, if there’s anything that requires some work and some effort, I’m probably not gonna do it.”

Not everyone in his community agrees with that philosophy though, since they think streaming is work. Shroud shot that down immediately, saying streaming isn’t work:

“Streaming is work? No it’s not f**king work, it’s a goddamn joke. I’m sitting here doing nothing. Literally doing nothing.”

As he said this, he’s casually running around in Valorant, making people look foolish. People also thought what he did in CSGO was work, but yet again, Shroud doesn’t agree. He was just playing the game. Granted, he was playing on a level that your average player is nowhere near. He just played the game and did incredibly. According to Shroud, working is “going the extra mile”, and he doesn’t feel like he did any of that.

So if you’re hoping to see the ex-Cloud9 superstar Shroud create an esports org, that’s not going to happen anytime soon. It may never happen. He’s pretty comfortable “doing nothing” on Twitch, and that’s fine.


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