Why OpTic and FaZe Kept Their Names in the CDL

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 13th 2019

Franchising has come to the Call of Duty League for the 2020 season, and teams have been rushing to get their names and branding out there as quickly as possible.

While there are many new teams like the Dallas Empire and the New York Subliners created especially for the league, two org names might sound familiar to long-term fans of the CDL scene: Los Angeles OpTic and Atlanta FaZe.

Many were surprised both brands managed to make it into the league, especially the latter given that it still exists in other games outside of CoD, and many have wondered how they managed to sneak their names into the league.


OpTic’s case is the most straightforward and sensible of the two names making it into the league.

The team was bought out by Immortals Gaming, owners of the Los Angeles Valiant squad in the Overwatch League, several months back, and has since been retrofitted to being a Call of Duty solely focused brand.

Immortals either released any non-CoD rosters left in their stable, rebranded it to Immortals or MIBR, or are the process of selling off any leftover pieces to make OpTic a CoD exclusive brand, thus allowing it to skip past the “unique brand” rule the league requires all teams to follow.


FaZe, on the other hand, decided they wanted to have their cake and eat it too, keeping all their non-CoD rosters and still finding a way to make its name a part of the CoD franchises.

According to Atlanta FaZe owner Atlanta Ventures’ CEO, the company, FaZe, and Activision were in talks for months trying to squeeze the FaZe name past the rules, a task that seems to have succeeded given they got the name.

This has led many to speculate that the removal of Clan from FaZe Clan has allowed Activision to see the two names as technically separate brands, allowing the usage of FaZe for the team.

If that’s the case, other owners are likely fuming at having to go through all this work creating a new brand when they could have just dropped “gaming” or “esports” from their names and stayed the same.

No owner has spoken out on the controversial naming yet, though it wouldn’t surprise us if there were heated words being thrown around being closed doors.

Despite the controversy, however, it is nice to see two iconic CoD brands in FaZe and OpTic manage to make it into the CDL franchise era.

Hopefully, they can live up to the legacies they’ve spent most of the last decade building up.


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