Why Destiny 2 Radiant Dance Machines Were Disabled

by in General | Aug, 30th 2021

Bungie had to disable the Radiant Dance Machines’ leg armor in Destiny 2 for PVP and Gambit activities. This is reportedly temporary, but the real question is why? Well, they were giving people “unintentional competitive advantages” for modes they certainly weren’t intended to. It’s not the only gear that was disabled temporarily by Bungie either. The Titans’ “Wormgod Caress” exotic gauntlets were disabled entirely. This is because they could do incredible amounts of damage with their throwing hammers. When you consider the problems Destiny 2 PVP players already have with a lack of serious anti-cheat, this only makes PVP more undesirable.

What Are Radiant Dance Machines, Anyway?:

So what’s the problem? What are Radiant Dance Machines in Destiny 2 and what made this go down? Radiant Dance Machines are Exotic leg places for Hunters and can be unlocked in a pair of ways. Radiant Dance Machines require you to complete a Legend or Master Lost Sector on the day that they’re available as a reward in-game. These change daily, rotating between a variety of Lost Sectors each day. You want to check the reward and see if the reward is “Exotic Legs Armor (Rare)” for your best chance. It’s a pain to unlock these legs, but they’re worth it.

They’re temporarily disabled for PVP queues, so they’re likely being nerfed. The leg exotic gives you the perk “The Dance” and it enables additional dodges for a short period of time when you’re close to enemies. You can use this as a Hunter to evade AOE, or multi-dodge from powerful enemies – or players. That’s the real problem here. Each of these dodges grants a fair amount of your Super Move. A Twitter user points out exactly why it’s so powerful:

Radiant Dance Machines are 100% getting disabled LOL.  Double Distribution, double Dynamo and 100 intellect = half a super.  Golden guns every single invade, arc staffs for an entire Master VoG, I don’t even want to think about the potential in PvP.

So you don’t get endless rolls, but you get enough to make sure you can pop off with golden guns easily. The announcement for the Radiant Dance Machines in Destiny 2 came from Bungie Help right as the weekend was kicking off. That’s not the only thing that was stopped though! Bungie Help also announced the disabling of the Titan Exotic Gauntlets, Wormgod Caress. This was due to an issue where Titans could do unintentionally large amount of damage with Throwing Hammers. The roll isn’t so bad for the Radiant Dance Machines in Destiny 2, honestly. It just wasn’t thought out very far for PVP. It’s horrifying to think of what a skilled player could do in Gambit/Crucible. 

So for now, there will be no Radiant Dance Machines for Destiny 2’s PVP. Perhaps they can lower the amount of charge they give, or simply not be active during PVP. Time will tell what decision is made!


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