Why Apex Legends Forge Should Be a Character in the Game: Celebrating His Death

by in Apex Legends | Jan, 28th 2021

Respawn Entertainment surprised the community with one of the most shocking and interesting twists on Apex Legends when it chose to kill off one of the upcoming characters. Apex Legends Forge’s death was a tragic one and a decision that left many fans wishing it hadn’t been that way.

Apex Legends Forge Died a Year Ago

At the time of writing this, it has been about a year or so since Apex Legends Forge’s death. The fan-favorite character was beloved by fans leading up to the new season’s release, in which everyone presumed that it would be released.

The fourth season of the game came out around the first anniversary of the release of Apex Legends. The game came out in February 2019 and had shadow dropped with little fanfare surrounding it, skyrocketing to fame through all of this. 

The anniversary celebration of the game’s release meant that Respawn had to do something equally impressive and surprising. That is what the studio tried to do with Apex Legends Forge. The new character was impending as the next legend in the game, but it was a fascinating lie. 

Instead of being the actual legend in the upcoming season of the game, he was killed off by one of the other characters in the title, who would later go on to be the hero in the fourth season. This decision was one that was seen as both controversial and unlike anything else we’ve seen before. 

His Death Was a Shocking Moment for the Fanbase

In many ways, what Respawn Entertainment did was an unprecedented occasion as we hadn’t seen this level of deceit from a developer before in this way. The studio outright lied to the players, announcing Forge as the next hero to join Apex Legends.

This decision was believable since the past three seasons had heroes announced and then released. But the lie was shocking as we had no reason to think that Season 4 wouldn’t be the same case. That is if you didn’t check out the leaks that we were running a year ago. 

At this time a year ago, we were quite understandably confused when Forge was announced as the new character. From everything that we knew, it seemed like Revenant would be the new legend in the game. The leaks were pointing towards something other than what Respawn was saying.

This led us to think that one of two events had happened. Either, one, the developer had initially planned to do Revenant and then switched at the last second to Forge, or, two, both characters were going to be released in the fourth season for the battle royale game. 

The second option is what I was thinking up until the video in which we saw Forge get murdered by Revenant. This was an impressive move from Respawn and one that we don’t expect to happen again in the future. Even still, it was a welcome move, even if we don’t quite agree with it. 

Forge Should Still Be a Playable Character in Apex Legends

I think, above all, that Forge should still be a playable character in Apex Legends. I think that Respawn’s move was a wise one. It shocked the player base as it even confused those of us who thought we knew what was going on with the game. 

But the story of Apex Legends Forge should not end with the death of him last year. As the lore behind the game has already taught us, just because someone seemed to die or appeared to disappear doesn’t mean that they are gone for good. 

The entire premise of the game is based on that. There are respawns in the middle of matches. When a player finishes one battle — win or lose — they can boot up another match and keep playing the same character they did before. 

There is some level of immortality or deceit in the games themselves that have allowed these characters to keep fighting. And it would be a travesty if the same level of immortality wasn’t given to Forge, who we thought would be a hero in the game. 

There are even hints towards this being the case because there are some conflicting reports regarding the character. Multiple employees from Respawn have given opposite answers regarding the fate of the character after his death. 

The person we see in the video clip in which he is murdered doesn’t quite look like the official legend artwork given for how the character was supposed to look like when he appears in the battle royale game. 

This could be a difference of artists here or something like that, but there is also the chance that we are dealing with an imposter or a stand-in for the real Forge who perhaps knew he was targeted for execution assassin Revenant. 

Regardless, forge to come back in Apex Legends, there is room for Forge, and we imagine that this incarnation would be different from his original appearance. We imagine someone with more of a robotic appearance than he already had if did, in fact, almost die. 

He may also have a different style and abilities than what he would have since he will likely have a different persona after almost being assassinated. But here is why I would like to have the Apex Legends Forge character come back into the game permanently. 

Why: He Would Bring a Necessary Melee Style

One of the most important reasons as to why I would like to see Forge come to the game as an actual character in the future is because of his unique style and gameplay aspects. He is a melee fighter and someone who is a world champion for that.

He is a five-time champion fighter and one with a lot of personality that makes him potentially likable and exciting in the roster of characters who are mostly made up of that. But what is unique about him is his melee aspect. 

The game is mainly a ranged first-person shooter, so it would be interesting to see someone who takes that and throws it out the window to focus on doing melee fighting mostly. This would be a lot different from what we currently have in the game and add to the gameplay.

Maybe you are someone who likes to go around hitting people in the head or you are just tired of the same old fighting over and over in every single match that you do in Apex Legends. Maybe you are looking for something else in the game and want something different. 

This would be a great chance to check out Forge, who focuses more on the melee fighting and would offer something different. Sure, it could either not work well since he would potentially be at a disadvantage or do the opposite and break the game if he was too powerful but worth a try. 

Plus, despite our claims that it shouldn’t be handled this way, Respawn claims that Apex Legends is not developed as a character-based game like Overwatch. They are not too concerned with the characters’ balance, so they are seemingly fine, with some characters being inherently much better than others. 

This isn’t my way of looking at the game, but that ideology would fit fine with Forge. Whether or not he is a great character to choose in the game, he would be a welcome addition and one that many players would likely be happy to see. 

Forge Would Have an Amazing Rivalry With Revenant

The other main reason that I would like to see Forge join the game is because of how his character would develop the lore surrounding the battle royale title. Thus far, almost every single character in Apex Legends has either had a tragic backstory or been connected to someone else.

Revenant’s release was a big step in that direction, opening up the possibility for characters like Loba to come in there, making more connections to other already existing characters, and paving the way for Olympus that would tie together a considerable portion of the cast. 

Forge fits in this perfectly because he would have his backstory and lore that would propel him to stardom in the Apex Legends community. But more importantly than that, he would have the unique nature of us seeing his backstory take shape right before our eyes. 

Unlike the other heroes, he seemed to be someone well off who has already made a name for himself and doesn’t have the tragedy of others like Horizon and Loba. But we saw that tragedy take shape in his potential hatred for Revenant for (almost) killing him. 

This rivalry would be one that could be at the heart of the character and potentially either bring him closer to characters like Loba who can understand or make rivalries with them as well as they have the same goal for joining the Apex Games now. 

All in all, the unique rivalry that Forge and Revenant could have would allow for a fascinating story that could be at the heart of his upcoming season. It is just too bad that he didn’t release in the upcoming eighth season, which would have the perfect time to introduce him a year after his supposed death.

Possible Forge Abilities When He Potentially Returns

While the Apex Legends Forge reveal was completely fake in the end and a flat out lie, the added abilities to the game were interesting. We have to believe that they weren’t fake and something that Respawn either was working on or is still working on for the character.

From what we know, he had a unique ability set dependent on different inputs that the player does in the middle of the combat. For instance, the Pull Shot ability lets the user grapple someone and bring themselves close to you or let you launch towards them.

Then, players could press a button and slam into the ground to make a massive melee attack against enemies. You could do an impressive high jump that others couldn’t do, allowing for the ground slam attack. And then there is the one-two punch ability as well. 

This one lets you rush in a straight line and hit enemies along the way. But you could hit them while rushing to make an uppercut attack that would deal even more damage. From there, we have the On The Ropes ability that makes your melee damage stronger the lower your character’s health.

Also, dealing melee damage will give you an overshield for a while, while the Victory Rush ability will grant you health and a speed boost for 10 seconds when you defeat someone. All in all, it seems to be a pretty balanced design that would make the character work in a ranged game in a way that makes sense. Hopefully, the story of Forge isn’t over just yet, so we can see these abilities in action. 


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