Who Are the Winners of the First Apex Legends Global Series NA Qualifiers?

by in Apex Legends | Sep, 15th 2021

The Apex Legends Global Series promises to be a showcase of some of the best Apex Legends players’ in the scene. Prior to the beginning of both the first few matches of the Pro League Split and Challengers’ Circuit, we have the pre-season qualifiers for each region. The first Apex Legends Global Series NA qualifier has concluded, giving us the first team to qualify for the ALGS Pro League NA where they’ll play against the likes of TSM FTX’s ImperialHal, MrGreekGod, and last year’s champions Kungarna NA. But who is Dudes Night Out aka Team Intel, and how have they fared in competitive Apex Legends so far? 

Team Intel – The First Team Qualifying for the Apex Legends Global Series NA Pro League

Coming in at a total of 75 points, only three points higher than Noble who took 2nd during the Apex Legends Global Series NA qualifier, Dudes Night Out consists of SkittleCakes, dooplex, and Verhlust who have been competing with each other under Intel’s sponsorship in the Esports Arena Series E series of tournaments. DNO/Team Intel basically compete exclusively in Series E as a semi-pro, acting as gatekeepers for amateur hopefuls in Series E’s open tournaments and as a hometown team during Series E pro tournaments.

Seeing how Team Intel has been competing against pro teams on a weekly basis, they definitely have what it takes to compete at the upper levels of Apex. They’ve won four out of the nine Series E open tournaments, and they took third place at the Series E Pro Tournament #7, beating out professional squads like Team Liquid, Cloud9, and G2. While Series E may not be a priority for a lot of pro teams, Team Intel have definitely put in their work playing against these professional squads while also competing in larger events like GLL Masters Spring or last season’s ALGS North American Championship. 

Their performance at the Apex Legends Global Series NA pre-season qualifier shows the team’s propensity for careful, methodical loot routes that can carry them to the mid game where they can either rack up kills or eliminate key targets to preserve their point lead. After a disappointing round 2 where they were the first eliminated squad with 0 kills, they made up for it by hunting down teams and racking up eighteen kills in round 3 and thirteen kills in round 5. After this disappointing second round, Team Intel made sure they stayed as close as they could to the top 4 placements, playing aggressively when they saw teams like Noble, Absolute Monarchy, and Lazarus getting knocked out or eliminated. 

Perhaps what’s most interesting about DNO/Team Intel is that Verhlust is actually a controller player. Controller versus mouse and keyboard remains a hot debate in many battle royale games, but Apex Legends especially feels like a game where mouse and keyboard gives a definite advantage. However, Verhlust shows that controller players are definitely worth paying attention to, now that one will be competing in the Apex Legends Global Series Pro League for North America.

Hopefully, there will be tons more to expect from Team Intel as we see them enter the upper echelons of Apex Legends competition. For those wanting to see more Apex Legends action, the second round of qualifiers will be happening near the end of the month. With three more qualifiers left, there’s bound to be some more semi-pro hopefuls that will be entering World’s Edge with some of the best teams Apex Legends has to offer. 


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