What’s Next for Jamppi as He Heads Into Valorant?

by in Valorant | Jan, 28th 2021

Oh, Jamppi. His story is one filled with controversy. He’s now retired from CSGO after receiving a VAC ban. No longer able to compete in CSGO Majors, he was benched from ENCE. On Jan. 26, Jamppi announced his intent to jump ship over to Valorant in a video post on Twitter. Sure, his story is mired with controversy. The former CSGO pro has maintained his innocence for years, up to and including filing a lawsuit to get his VAC ban overturned. We believe in Jamppi and think this could be what he needs to get things back on track.

What’s Next for Jamppi?

Why was Jamppi banned in CSGO in the first place? He was banned for using cheats reportedly. But Jamppi insists that he sold the account years ago and had no control over that friend cheating. As a young person, we all make mistakes. This was an unfortunate thing that happened to the Finnish CSGO player. But when VAC bans go out, the owner of the account is held liable. As the initial owner of the account, Jamppi was hosed. 

It’s not Jamppi was a poor player, either. His stats on Liquipedia are proof enough for that. More than one CSGO player has jumped ship over to Valorant, so seeing Jamppi come over isn’t a shock. He was an excellent player, and many of the skills he utilized in CSGO will undoubtedly carry over to Valorant. What will be next for Jamppi as he moves to Valorant? 

I have a feeling he’s going to learn the lessons from within CSGO. If he did cheat, he’s not going to make that mistake again. But if he’s sincere and lent out the account, he’s not going to do that again. There’s a lot of money to be made in FPS games, now more than ever. He wouldn’t want to be banned out in two games at the same time. At least Jamppi has this chance at redemption and the ability to make his name a second time.

There may not be any teams chomping at the bit to recruit him – that we’re aware of anyway. There are always going to be teams keeping a lookout. Jamppi has been putting in work and has been streaming Valorant lately. In comparison, we aren’t 100% sure what the future holds for him. Still very much a young man, Jamppi has many opportunities to take his skills to a huge stage. If you’re an NA or EU team and need a quality player, you ought to look at Jamppi and give him his shot at redemption.


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