Was An Overwatch 2 Hero Teased On The Kanezaka Map?

by in Overwatch | Dec, 17th 2020

Please note, that this is pure speculation. Now, we do know that there are no new Heroes coming to Overwatch until Overwatch 2 goes live. This comes courtesy of Jeff Kaplan himself after Echo came to life. Fast forward to December, and we see the first PTR map in a long while. This map, Kanezaka, Japan, could be teasing an upcoming Overwatch 2 Hero. 

Introducing “BRIT”

The only character we’re familiar with that’s confirmed as an Overwatch 2 hero is Sojourn. On the Kanezaka map, there’s a Billboard that may be teasing this Overwatch 2 Hero. The girl in question is Brit, who was a part of the early concept art for Overwatch. This could just be what eventually became D.Va and Tracer. 

This is because Brit wields a pistol, and is piloting a Mecha. The concept art of Brit had a bit of text that read “Pistol, Support Mech, Attack Mech”. Now, this could mean she has two different Mecha, or that she’s both a support and aggressive character. 

The images for this came courtesy of OverwatchNaeri on Twitter. It’s unlikely that this is a coincidence though. If Kanezaka is really teasing an Overwatch 2 hero, that’s huge. After all, Blizzcon isn’t until February (19th, 20th, 2021). There’s also a chance this is just going to be the first Hero to return to Overwatch after Overwatch 2 drops sometime next year (hopefully). 

It’s all speculatory, but such a blatant reference to a would-be character feels pretty much like a teaser. Since we think this is who ultimately became D.Va, it could be turned into another character. The MEKA is very popular after all. This might be nothing, but it’s fun to think about! What would you like to see here? A new character for Overwatch, or a starter Hero for Overwatch 2?


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