Warzone’s Subway Glitch Lets Players Cheat Death for Easy Wins in Season 6

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 30th 2020

Season 6 of Call of Duty: Warzone has really started off with a bang, with crazy glitches like this one in the subway! This one lets players cheat death and more or less, get free wins without putting in a ton of effort to earn them. This isn’t even the only bug or glitch we’ll be talking about in Warzone today, so stay tuned for another pretty ridiculous one. But right now, we’re talking about players exploiting Metro to try and score free, easy wins.

This isn’t even the first or most interesting bug in Warzone. From the Superstore Bug or Items Falling Through Stairs Bug, there’s a lot to pick from. But here’s what we’ve got today!

Cheating Death, Stealing Wins

With Season 6 in Warzone, the Metro came through as a new fast-travel subway system. It’s a much-needed system and adds a lot to Warzone as a whole, aside from this glitch. Running from zone-to-zone can be tedious, as can driving a vehicle from one side of the map to another area. However, it didn’t take long for people to start breaking it into pieces. Doyley44 is the discoverer of this bug, where you exploit the new subway to cheat death. 

What happens here, though? If you’re on the train while entering or leaving the station, while within the circle, you’re immune to the gas for an unknown reason. This means you can auto-heal during fast-travel animations, and come out the other side healthy and safe. Any damage you took during that time won’t be around. 

Doyley44 spoke to Dexerto about this and said:

“Basically, if you get into the subway and are in the gas, the cut scene to take you to the next station is too short and it resets before your health goes all the way down.”

How do you take advantage of this? You and your squad just keep using the subway over and over in Warzone Season 6, so this glitch will keep you alive. Theoretically, you could just keep using it to fast travel all over the map while the other players fight and die.  Eventually, everyone else in the lobby will be dead but your team (and any other team that’s also doing this). 

So far, Infinity Ward has not responded about the bug, or put out any message concerning it. We don’t know how many matches it’s actually affecting, but it could very well get exposure and start showing up in competitive matches. After all, this is the internet – we’ve talked a lot about cheating lately. The more people that start doing it, the more likely something will be done, sadly. Hopefully, instead, the community can speak up about this glitch instead of exploiting it until the dev team does something about it. We do not encourage or condone glitch abuse, but it’s very much a thing that exists in the game. 


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