Warzone’s Season 6 Glitches Continue With One That Makes Self-Revive Useless

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 30th 2020

The glitch train for Season 6 of CoD Warzone is going on and on! This is the second today, the first being a glitch that lets players cheat death via the subway. Now we’ve got one for the other side of the coin: A Season 6 Warzone glitch that makes self revive useless! Warzone’s awesome to play and all, and Season 6 has been an interesting one so far, but wow has it had its share of glitches! We understand, of course, that development takes time and nothing ever comes out perfect. But whew, these are doozies.

The Subway System Needs Work

The long story short for this update, the biggest change was the metro/subway. You can travel to one of seven new locations and will get you to where you’re going incredibly fast. It’s known to drop people in random locations, but the subway is also key to this new, annoying glitch.

Somehow or another, self revive just doesn’t seem to work on the train! They can keep you alive indefinitely, but self revive? That’s a whole different matter apparently! Joabyjojo was taken down on the train, but the screen black instead of self revive working as it should in Warzone’s Season 6. What happened?

The screen came back to life, and they were back, but without of their gear. The loadout was gone, their secondary pistol nowhere to be found, and could not even melee. Sure, they “Self Revived”, but they couldn’t interact with anything. The other players could though, and they were quickly gunned down again. 

Trains won’t go until threats are dealt with, so when the player died, everything should have been fine. They would revive, and the game could continue for them. But right now, self revive in Warzone’s subway during Warzone Season 6 is a death sentence due to the glitch. You’ll come back to life, and no longer be able to fight back in the game. 

This is at least the second subway related bug. From what we gather, every time the train moves, it resets the self res timer. Another player says it’s a minor bug because if you’re standing too close to the ends of the train or the door, you can be permanently stuck in the no gun mode until you ride the wagon again. It doesn’t sound like a minor bug at all though if a player can be forced to lose the game in situations like this.

“Countdragula420” on Reddit says this also happens on the Cable Tower, so be aware of that even if it’s not accurate. It’s still something players should be aware of. We expect a bug or two in our games, that’s just the nature of gaming. It’s been that way since the first video game. But Warzone as an online competitive game has had some pretty heinous ones to come out of Season 6 and even before that. It sounds like for now, you should just avoid the subway until Infinity Ward fixes it – whenever that happens to be.


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