Warzone’s One-Hit Melee Kill Confuses Community

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 8th 2021

Melee in Call of Duty is wild. In the more traditional CoD, one knife-stab is enough to put someone down. There are times in Warzone that you have to melee people with your fists though, and it should not be possible to one-hit someone this way. However, with some players seeing one-hit melee kills, we have to wonder if this is new tech that people are discovering or a horrifying bug that people are seeing for the first time. Given what we know about Warzone, this writer is going with “bug” instead of “tech”. When you combine 100HP and armor, there should be no way people are being dropped with a single elbow, but it’s going on, and we’re very curious about it.

One-Punch Man

It should take several punches to drop someone in Warzone, but somehow, we’re seeing One-Hit Melee kills. This seems to get around the normal damage of punches, and it channels Saitama from One Punch Man. One hit, and it’s all over. This came to light thanks to u/callohh on Reddit, who asked “Can anyone explain this?”

With full health and armor, they were dropped in a single punch. There was nothing that could be done to alter the course of events that sent them to the Gulag. It sounds like a bug to us. If this was something that has been possible since last year, we would have found it by now. Someone would have found it by now. Another Redditor had the same thought this writer did though:

“I think I have an answer. Apparently there’s a kind of combo system. If you hit 4 times you can see the fourth attack is with his elbow. Apparently that elbow hit is always 1 shot. The game is bugged out of its mind and that MMA Champion elbow hit happens more often than it should.”

There’s also a discussion of a bug concerning melee transitioning between characters. Say for example, two opponents are next to each other, and you start a melee combo on one. You land the next to last hit, shift over, and drop the elbow on the other player. They drop immediately, and could possibly explain how this Warzone One-Hit Melee bug works.

Some experimentation and testing still need to be done to see how reliable this is. Another Redditor in this thread points out that there’s a critical strike in the game, and it can one-shot even 300hp targets. It’s called a “nosebreaker”. Someone else broke down how this supposed critical melee hit works on Reddit. Now, if this is all it is, it’s either 1. Not a bug or 2. A bug anyway, with how the critical hits work/how often they can crop up. It’s such a strange thing to discuss, and several people have their own opinion on exactly why it works. We’d love to hear from Activision Blizzard about this, and if the ability to one-shot someone with a melee strike is intended in Warzone. Hopefully, it isn’t, because this sounds like it can take the fun completely out of an otherwise fun.

It’s not like there are already tons of bugs in Warzone over the last few months or anything. Nothing is really confirmed about this one yet, but it’s a wild and interesting situation that has left some players absolutely furious. You can be at full health, be stacked with armor, and someone cocks back and levels you with a single blow.


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