Warzone Will Finally Get Anti-Cheat Thanks to Vanguard

by in Call of Duty | Aug, 20th 2021

It is not a controversial statement to suggest that Warzone needs anti-cheat. It’s the biggest point of discussion for Warzone and has persisted since the game launched. Why? Because it doesn’t have any! The devs claimed anti-cheat existed, but if they did, they might have never activated. So many hackers exist in the PC space, but that may slow down in CoD Vanguard. If all goes well, we could have a Warzone worth playing. Perhaps it will even pull back the Warzone pros that shifted over to Apex Legends. The real question is if it will work and if it will be well-received by the fans. This is something people have been clamoring for.

A New Game, New Anti-Cheat

Anti-Cheat needs to be worked on during the development process, so the game can ship with it. Thanks to the CoD Vanguard reveal, we know that Warzone will finally have Anti-Cheat, and we couldn’t be happier. PC users will hopefully have a much higher quality of gameplay. Sure, 16v16 PVP maps are neat, and the campaign should be fun. We know it’ll use the Modern Warfare and Warzone engines, which is also kind of neat. But what about that Anti-Cheat? 

According to a tweet by the Call of Duty Twitter team, we know there will be a brand-new map, gameplay, lists, and more for Warzone. But on PC, they will have a new anti-cheat system. Is that an admission of guilt or wrongdoing to the original Warzone players? Is it too late to win their trust back? No, probably not. The new Warzone experience will drop later this year, but a better version of Anti-Cheat in Warzone will be a real blessing. 

We don’t know an actual date when this anti-cheat will come in, nor do we know the anti-cheat it will use, but we’ll let you know if we receive an update. For now, November 5, 2021, is the release date for CoD Vanguard, and hopefully, the Warzone anti-cheat will drop at the same time, if not earlier. 


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