Warzone Wall Hacks Are Being Given to Players Via a Bug

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 17th 2021

Warzone is one of the worst games for cheating and hacking we’ve ever seen. There never seems to be an end to glitches, bugs, or people using hacks in game to sneak wins out of nowhere. Whether you see aimbots, wall hacks, or something worse in Warzone, it seems that the game is just handing out wall hacks now. That’s right; there’s a peculiar bug in Warzone that gives people wall hacks without the player having to spend money on them! 

Wall Hacks in the Gulag of Warzone

Hopefully, this doesn’t lead to innocent players being punished for something the devs have done – even if it wasn’t on purpose. With this going on, some of the cheaters you’ve seen in virtually every game may not have had control over their wall hacks. If the game suddenly gives you information on where your target is, odds are you’re going to use it to your advantage. I know I would, at the very least. That is a far cry from openly cheating with wall hacks/aimbots in Warzone.

This bug appears to come from the Gulag in Warzone. A Redditor by the name of chinitotuchman loaded down into the Gulag during a match. Here’s what they said: “As soon as I loaded into the fight (but before it started) it flashed Gulag victory and I redeployed.”

After redeploying, he could see another player outlined in red inside a building. They just had to wait and pop shots at them as soon as they peeked out. It was just like a wall hack cheat for Warzone, but they got it legitimately in the game. What’s interesting about this is that the other player was very cautious in the clip you can see right here.

This tells us that the other player likely had the same wall hack glitch going on. This Redditor also offered a bit more information: “Some context: I went to the gulag, and as soon as I loaded into the fight (but before it started), it flashed gulag victory, and I redeployed. As soon as I dropped in, I could see this guy across the map. Have another clip where I can see through all the planes of boneyard too. Anyone else have this happen?”

We have no idea why this is going on. Interestingly, he could see the Gulag opponent the whole time. It’s speculated that since you can see your Gulag opponent usually before the fight starts, that trigger keeps up even when you leave the Gulag battle. While we have no idea how this wall hack triggers in Warzone, it’s certainly something interesting to behold. It seems like no matter what, anytime Warzone is updated, something new and exciting breaks. 


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