Warzone Streamer Zlaner Denies Hacking Accusations

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 19th 2021

With how much hacking as we’re seeing in Warzone, it’s not a shock to see a big-named streamer like Zlaner receive accusations. We’re not suggesting he is hacking, please be aware of that. But when someone is so talented at Call of Duty Warzone, it’s going to be suggested that they didn’t come about that skill honestly, which is unfortunate. Zack “Zlaner” Lane is now the subject of “hackusations”, and he has hit back at his accuser, which he calls a “clickbait YouTuber”.

Legitimately Good, or Legitimately Bought?

This is the worst part about Warzone. Not the hacking itself, which is admittedly awful. But it breeds paranoia, and even the most reliably good players are going to get accusations of cheating. We’ve seen people openly cheat on their stream, show off cheats, accidentally show off cheats, and even people cheating in tournaments. It’s not exactly a new or exciting thing for the Warzone scene. So when Warzone streamer Zlaner was hit with hacking accusations, he didn’t take it lying down.

The blame reportedly came from a “clickbait” YouTuber and they dropped the hacking accusations in Warzone. Zlaner dropped the first of a pair of videos on YouTube to attempt to prove he’s not hacking. He showed the PC programs he has, and some raw, unedited footage of him playing Warzone. He shows it all – the task manager, device manager, his USB settings, his controller, everything under the sun.

It sounds like someone is just trying to stir up drama in the Warzone scene – not that that’s a hard thing to do right now. To play Devil’s Advocate, Zlaner could be just cherry-picking his content and using footage of his PC that did not have hacks or cheats installed. We are not saying that’s the case, mind. It’s just a possibility. The second video is now available as well.

Zlaner puts in a lot of work to prove the person wrong and points out that he didn’t initially want to make these videos. Since the person in question has already made three videos on him, Zlaner decided he had to respond somehow. He shows the edited footage that other YouTuber dropped side-by-side with his actual footage and more. Both videos are worth a watch.

We’re willing to believe Zlaner. Not everyone who stomps in Warzone is using hacks/cheats. That paranoia comes from seeing so many actual hackers in our games. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the world we live in right now.


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