Warzone Streamer Accidentally Shows Off Cheats on Twitch

by in Call of Duty | Aug, 28th 2020

Is there something in the water for big-time Twitch streamers? This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Twitch streamer show off their cheating, while also bragging about their skill. Enter MrGolds, a Twitch streamer with 70,000+ followers, and, unsurprisingly, plays a lot of Warzone. How are people doing something foolish things like this? Don’t they know that, if you’re playing a competitive game and employing cheat apps, you aren’t proving your skill?

Spoiler Warning: EngineOwning Is Cheating

Instead, you’re just showing that you don’t deserve what you’ve earned from that particular competitive title. What happened in this instance? ERA7E exposed the debacle on Twitter. MrGolds had a pregame lobby with slightly under 2,000 viewers, and he was questioned about his gameplay.

“Just because I have good recoil, I’m good at the game.” MrGolds responded to his chat, asking, “Is it the first time you see someone good at the game? Have you ever seen someone playing like this, seriously?”

MrGolds continued to defend his skill and stand firm against the criticism about how suspiciously good he was. What was the result? This Twitch streamer showed off his Warzone cheats. The EngineOwning menu was “hidden” behind his Task Manager. That’s ridiculous all on its own. EngineOwning has AimBotting and more, which would account for the players 6.0 KDA ratios in several matches.

This isn’t a case of “accidentally” having a cheat engine on your computer. That’s not something you accidentally acquire. It’s something you spend real money on. EngineOwning is a service you pay for either three, 30, or 90 days. This was discovered after a minor bit of Googling.

TGDefinition, another Twitch streamer, pointed out that EngineOwning is one of the more common and obvious cheats, and he doesn’t understand why MrGolds hasn’t been shadowbanned or banned just on a general level. As of this writing, Twitch has yet to ban MrGolds, and Infinity Ward has also not reportedly taken action.

It’s disgusting that a streamer with such a huge following would take part in using cheats. It doesn’t matter if they were using them to create reels of awesome skillshots, or if it was something he occasionally did. You know, like once or twice. What’s the harm, right? It’s cheating in a competitive game, that’s the problem!

MrGolds response is to claim he’s going to stream with a background camera next time to prove he’s not hacking, according to an Instagram post. That tells us that he’ll either have “bad games” or be hidden better.

The clip also definitely looks like view botting. Twitter user ERA7E also points out that MrGolds was a well-known figure who rebranded after being exposed as a scammer and faking an illness. ERA7E’s above Tweet has further information about that.

If this is true and he was cheating (which seems pretty cut-and-dry) and isn’t punished? All that tells young, impressionable gamers that there aren’t consequences for cheating if you have a decent following. People like that ruin an otherwise fun, competitive game for everyone. All we can hope is that if the allegations are true, he’s punished appropriately for it.


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