Warzone Players Claim Wrongful Bans Due to Overwolf App

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 26th 2021

It’s being said that Warzone players are catching unwarranted bans on Windows 11, thanks to Overwolf. The idea that Warzone could maybe have a solid anti-cheat has no doubt brought people back around. We’ve seen a few notifications on the internet about people being banned without reason for the last couple of weeks. Esports Talk, in particular, received an anonymous message about Warzone players seeing bans for doing nothing wrong but having Overwolf installed. The player in question was using Overwolf/Outplayed to record footage but got permabanned. They aren’t the only ones, either. We talked about Cold War players being banned for no reason before, and it seems like this problem is back.

Do Not Use Overwolf With Windows 11, Says Reddit

Overwolf should be a completely safe program for Warzone players, and instead, bans are being doled out. Overwolf is a program that offers a variety of uses. In MTG Arena, it can track cards used, your stats, and more. In the case of Warzone players, it’s a stats tracker, and so it’s invaluable to streamers and players in general. It’s a handy way to see how well you’re doing.

The problem with this is that apparently, Activision is aware that there’s a problem, but they aren’t going to do anything about it. This comes from a post on Reddit:

“After getting permanently banned a few weeks ago because of a well known and apparently rather common issue – that being that if you attempt to open Cold War while Overwolf is open and you’re running an Insider build of Windows 11 – I have finally received a response from Activision telling me that despite being innocent, they cannot unban my account. They have acknowledged the error in the ban, but are refusing to lift the ban as all bans are final.”

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Be careful if you use Overwolf and Windows 11

So if you were unfortunate enough to run Windows 11, and just happen to use Overwolf for anything, you could be out of luck. So for now, you, as a Warzone player would do well to stop running this program, just in case. In the Reddit post, the user talked about how nobody believes him, because Activision doesn’t ban for no reason – so they say.

A commenter in the post also had this problem:

“Good post! I switched to 11 and bam! Got perma banned.. I’ve spent the last week grinding and Activision offer no solution for it… Just goes to show you how backwards Activision is!.. I had over 1500 hours played, a paltry 1.34 KD … 72 wins.. and a HS% of 13 haha. What a bunch of lazy devs.”

Not to denigrate that poster, but that is not someone who is clearly cheating. They play a lot but are obviously not cheating. They just really enjoy the game and want to keep playing. However, a permaban, all because of upgrading to Windows 11. What’s worse is that “all bans are final” nonsense. One user in the thread said all bans are “not” final since they got unbanned for something, but it sounds like there’s some serious communication problems within the company.

Hope Remains For Unban

However, all hope is not lost. According to this Reddit post, an update has been had. Overwolf reached out to this Redditor and said they acknowledged the ban and will be talking to Activision. They’re going to talk about all of the people that have been banned without a cause, thanks to Windows 11 + Overwolf. This response was made in a post on Medium by Overwolf. They point out that the bans aren’t their fault, but they did look into the issue.

According to Overwolf’s devs, Cold War has been used for months with no problems. They also made a couple of changes that are worth noting:

  • We have released an update to our games list to change the way the Overwolf overlay works and will no longer trigger a ban from Activision while using Windows 11. It’s important to note that in the 24 hours following this change, we have not had any new ban reports.
  • We’re working closely with the very top levels at Activision, and we’ll do whatever we can to help those whose accounts have been banned. We can’t promise it will work, but we’ll give it our best shot.

This doesn’t mean that Activision will back down, and unban these people, but we genuinely hope that’s where it goes. We received at least one message anonymously about people stressed out. People that have done nothing wrong, and just want to enjoy their favorite game, but cannot, thanks to something outside of their control.

It has to feel even more awful because people can cheat without any serious repercussions in Warzone, but players just trying to have fun fairly are being penalized with permanent bans – all thanks to Overwolf/Windows 11. For now, if you’re a Warzone player on PC, be careful with your Operating System and programs used. You may want to stick to Windows 10 until this is resolved, or consider downgrading back to it if you use or want to use Overwolf.

All we can do is hope that Activision makes a response and that these players who have done nothing wrong get unbanned, so they can return to playing Warzone without fear of Overwolf bans.


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