Warzone Pacific’s Update Brings Back The Demon Gun Glitch

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 9th 2021

One of the biggest problems in Warzone is back, the Demon Gun glitch. It seems like nearly every player has seen it one time or another, this writer included. It’s been around in the game for years, but for a few months, it seemed like it was finally solved once and for all. When the Warzone Pacific update dropped, the Demon Gun glitch came back with it, making players groan and swear all over again. Even some of the biggest names in Warzone see it and hate it.

Cool Looking, But a Serious Problem:

It wouldn’t be a Warzone update without problems, and this one brings back the Demon Gun glitch. It’s not surprising to see problems in a major update for Warzone, or any game, but this one can completely break your ability to play Warzone. What the glitch does is it turns your Warzone weapon into a “Demon Gun”, it’s completely covered in spikes and jagged edges. While that might look pretty cool to some, there are problems that come with it.

It can take up your entire screen in many cases and makes it impossible to aim or shoot other players. The more of your screen it takes up, the more space enemies can hide in also. There isn’t anything in Warzone worse than losing when you can’t do anything about it. The glitch was shown off on Reddit. One player even said they’ve seen their teammates appear this way.

Other players said it began to trigger when they picked up ground weapons, in this case, it was the MP40. It also happened in loadout MP40s according to other Redditors. This is a bug that’s been around just about as long as there’s been a Warzone, so we aren’t expecting a final fix for the Demon Gun glitch anytime soon. It’s not a good look at the start of Warzone Pacific’s Season 1 though. One person in the Reddit thread said this is the first time it’s been seen on console though, and that’s another negative. 

Hopefully, though, Raven Software comes up with a fix, because seeing this again is absolutely infuriating the Warzone fanbase.


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