Warzone Now Tells You When Hackers Are Banned – No Anti-Cheat Yet

by in Call of Duty | Aug, 17th 2021

Raven Software released a feature that shows you when hackers are banned in your matches. We were expecting some major anti-cheat announcement, but instead, we get this. We recently heard rumors of serious anti-cheat changes for Warzone, but instead, we see that hackers are getting visibly banned in matches. We’d love to see some numbers from larger streamers that play Warzone. How often do people see hackers get caught in their matches? This doesn’t mean all hackers will get caught, though. Warzone players want change, and perhaps we’ll get it here.

Warzone Hackers Now Get Visibly Banned in Games:

After that last ban wave (50,000 on August 11), there were reports of hackers no longer being able to make new accounts. That’s how hackers were able to stress-free continue to ruin games. Whether or not this is still happening remains to be seen. However, we’ve confirmed a new system in place to show you when hackers are banned in Warzone. CharlieIntel dropped a tweet confirming this new system:

“New: Raven has updated the kill feed in Warzone to now show when they ban a player during a game. The kill feed now says ‘Username has been banned’ instead of ‘disconnected.’ (name blurred in this image).”

This is certainly a positive step forward. If Raven Software does manage to slow down or stop hackers in Warzone and leads to them getting banned more, we’ll be the first to cheer for it. The reaction online is not one that’s excited though. This isn’t the solution people are after, we’ll admit. We’re in the camp of wanting anti-cheat in Warzone. Hopefully, they’re working on the problem though. It should have been one of the first things when Warzone was being developed though. 

One person in the CharlieIntel thread did post a screengrab from a Discord server that could be from a cheat engine/cheat maker. It says that in the most recent update, Raven added something to the Anti-Cheat that specifically targets that cheat maker. Their coder is apparently working on a bypass though, but it isn’t ready yet. That could be really good news for people who want anti-cheat though. Perhaps this really is a step in the right direction.


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