Warzone FPS Drop Issues Addressed by Devs

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 13th 2021

Warzone’s FPS drop issues are frustrating players on both Playstation 5 and Xbox. The new Caldera map might be gorgeous, but FPS drop problems in Warzone are leading to incredibly frustrating deaths for players of all skill levels. These fps drops are frustrating the console players, which is understandable. Players on console getting fps drops are suffering compared to their PC counterparts. One of the devs has spoken up about it on Twitter, which may give us some hope.

Caldera’s FPS Drops Ruining Gameplay

Caldera is a map that’s getting some mixed opinions. That said, there are some serious framerate issues when it comes to the Playstation 5 and Xbox versions of the game. The game is supposed to be able to hit 120 FPS, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Few things are more frustrating than not closing out a kill because the game suddenly dips in performance. The PS5 and Xbox iterations of the game may not be quite as pretty as the PC version, things even out with the ability to hit 120 FPS.

It’s a challenging, hectic game, and enemies could come out of anywhere. You tack on a jungle and enemies also coming from the sky. You could have the best reactions in the game, but when the game drops to 10-15 FPS, you aren’t going to be winning any firefights. The advantage is lost, and the game is as well before you know it.

Ted Timmins, Creative Director of Warzone took to Twitter and wound up talking about this. Originally, he posted about people not hounding his personal account about FOV settings. This resulted in a user on Twitter instead asking about performance issues on the Xbox Series X. The user said they can’t get to 120 FPS anymore, and did not badger the dev. He said he just wanted to be certain they were aware of the problem.

Ted Timmins had this to say in response:

“I play on Xbox Series X too so I’m in the same boat. Team is aware but I’ll find out why it’s not on the Trello board. Our comms team work super hard to keep our players updated for what is a very fluid and busy time right now. Thank you for your feedback and understanding.”

As of now, this FPS problem is on the official Trello board. We can hope this will be addressed and soon. Performance issues like this are really frustrating players all around the world, and we hope that the Warzone FPS drop problems are figured out in a forthcoming update. As this develops, we’ll keep you up to date.


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