Warzone Devs Offer Weak Anti-Cheat Response to Community

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 1st 2021

What. A. Laugh. In January 2021, Call of Duty Warzone players saw a brief message on anti-cheat in-game, as a response from the Warzone devs. The laughable part is that all of this comes from April 2020. The statement is paltry, and it doesn’t seem like anyone takes it remotely seriously. It also leads to a blog post from April 14th, 2020 entitled “CHEATERS NOT WELCOMED IN CALL OF DUTY: WARZONE”. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are streamers that openly use hacks without any fear. Why? They can just make other accounts and resume play.

“Are You Sure About That, Activision??” – u/SSMKh

While Warzone has had quite a lot of success monetarily last year, there’s something to be said about Warzone’s anti-cheat, or a lack thereof. It doesn’t even seem to exist. Every week we talk about another thing that is being exploited in-game with no idea if it will ever see a fix. Activision barely talks about this problem, leading to anger and frustration from the playerbase. So when the Warzone Devs offer this paltry anti-cheat response? It receives ridicule at the very least.

So what did this response about anti-cheat in Warzone say, courtesy of the devs? It said this:

“We work aggressively to keep Warzone fun AND fair. Here’s how; 24/4 security monitoring. ALL possible cheats, hacks reviewed. Planned improvements to in-game cheat reporting. 50,000+ global permabans to date. More updates coming soon.”

Perhaps this was a mistake, and they meant to put out a better message. That was not the case though. Faith in Activision has fallen farther and farther from when Warzone initially dropped. Between constant cheaters in Warzone and the latest Call of Duty not even having anti-cheat, this response from the devs is sad; that’s putting it mildly.

Is Warzone fun? Of course, it’s fun! It’s a Call of Duty Battle Royale! There’s a lot to love in it. But there are so many glitches, bugs, and active cheaters that it can kill the buzz quickly. Activision’s response to the cheating was a message that is close to a year old.

“Simply put there’s no place for cheating. We recognize that there’s no single solution for combating cheaters, it’s a constant enforcement every day, 24/7. Rest assured, we’re committed to ensuring a fun and fair experience for everyone,” is said near the bottom of the April blog.

Hard To Take It Seriously

It’s hard to put any measure of faith in that statement. Players that are permabanned just make new accounts! It’s a free-to-play experience so there’s no money being lost on the player’s part. That is unless they have to re-purchase cheats. There are surely players with dozens of accounts, just ready to go if something happens and they get banned. There are no consequences for the players in question. Unless they’re perhaps hardware banned or IP banned, but that doesn’t seem like the case at all.

We want to say positive things about Warzone. They have to give us something first though. Simply saying “We monitor cheaters 24/7” and give us a half-hearted, year-old statement? That isn’t going to do a thing.

However, we understand that anti-cheat is difficult to implement. Even Valorant, which claimed to be unbreakable had cheats remarkably fast. We don’t blame the individual devs for being unable to keep up with an untenable system. Long-term, this is just not working, and a solution is needed. We just want Warzone to be a fun, enjoyable game, but the way things are, the fans are really starting to lose their faith in the future of the title.


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