Warzone Buffs OTs 9, Fennec in Update

by in Call of Duty | Aug, 17th 2021

Call of Duty Warzone has received a new patch for Season 5 that changes up some of the issues plaguing the game since the release of the new season while also addressing weapons. This update includes a Warzone OTs 9 buff along with balances for other weapons. 

Warzone OTs 9 Buff Released in Update

The Call of Duty Warzone OTs 9 buff update is here. It includes several different weapons that have been adjusted here. Some have experienced minor boosts to make them feel and play better in battle royale matches, but most changes are here to nerf the weapons. 

In general, Raven Software notes in the patch notes for the Call of Duty Warzone OTs 9 buff update that it is currently “pleased with the state of balance” in the battle royale title. This is even where the Warzone developer does not think that any real changes are needed right now. 

With all of that said, some changes in this new patch are meant to fix some issues with a few of the weapons that are too powerful. There are more changes in the way in the future that will address assault rifles, in particular. 

Only one AR gun is affected by this Call of Duty Warzone OTs 9 buff update, and that is the AS VAL rifle from Modern Warfare. When it comes to this gun, the max damage decreased significantly from where it was before at 30 to now only 27. 

It seems that the overhauls for the AS VAL and other weapons in the past did not change much about this weapon having one of the fastest times to kill. This damage reduction nerf is here to, hopefully, help with that from now on. 

From there, we move to the SMG section of the battle royale title where there is one of the few buffs in this update with the Fennec SMG. The Fennec from Modern Warfare has had its bullet velocity increased by 13.4%. This is meant to help give it some more distance and, hopefully, get rid of its issues. 

Then we come to the nerfs with the SMG Charlie from Modern Warfare. With this weapon, the max damage has been decreased from 34 to only 31. The damage range of the SMG is now 5.4% less than before. However, it does come with one minor buff in increasing the damage multiplier for upper torso hits to 1.1. 

Then we come to the Call of Duty Warzone OTs 9 buff part of the update and the main change here is decreasing the weapon swap when players are aiming down the sights. This is only a minor boost to the recently released SMG from Black Ops Cold War, but it is important. 

The OTs 9 is a popular SMG in both Cold War and Warzone, but it has issues when players try to aim down the sights. The main issue of this is making large, sweeping motions and having that being distracted by the rear iron sights. 

With the weapon sway now decreased, you should find that aiming down the sights should help with the SMG. We imagine that this significant change should help the OTs 9 SMG to become even more popular than it already was in the game. 

From there, we come to the handguns. For the AMP 63 from Cold War, the max damage decreased to 31, the mid damage is now 28, and the min damage has been decreased to 23. For the M19, when using Akimbo, the max damage, min damage, and mid damage have also been decreased. 

For the Sykov from Modern Warfare, while using the Sorokin 140mm Auto attachment, the max, min, and mid damages have decreased considerably. The function of these changes is to address the most popular handguns in the battle royale game. They avoided the recent balance overhaul and are just now getting the nerfs that they have needed. 

Bug Fixes

The Call of Duty Warzone OTs 9 buff update is not all about nerfing and boosting some of the weapons, though, as it is also about fixing some of the glaring issues in the game. There are so many changes and new content with any new season that it clears the way for some issues to appear. 

Fortunately, this new patch is here to save the day regarding some of the most frustrating ones. There is a fix for the Red Doors in the game that was happening at the start of the season, for starters. No longer will multiple squads be able to enter the same Red Door, so you can appreciate that minimal level of protection now. 

Furthermore, it addresses the problems with players dying to gas in the hallway of the Red Door, which should not have been happening. When it comes to the new Season 5 battle pass, there is a fix where players did not have their tiers unlocked correctly when receiving the pass as a gift from another player. 

And last but certainly not least, there is a fix for the major problem for the PPSh-41 from Black Ops Cold War where the KGB Eliminator and the GRU Suppressor attachment icons would appear as white boxes. They should appear correctly now and work as intended. 


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