Warzone’s Anti Cheat May Finally Be Getting an Upgrade

by in Call of Duty | Aug, 13th 2021

If asked what the biggest problem with Warzone is, it’s Anti Cheat, and nothing else. There’s no other issue that even comes close. Pay-to-win Blueprints? Get out of here. Overpowered in-game traits? Who cares, when players can just hack and win for free? Several major names have completely given up Warzone in favor of Apex Legends or just started their own game dev studio, to work on a rival game. Warzone continues to ban people in lieu of an Anti Cheat, but perhaps more is on the way.

What’s the Problem in Warzone?

Where to start with a lack of Anti Cheat in Warzone? We’ve covered it so much over the past months. Perhaps the most blatant thing is a Warzone cheating site going so far as to plug their product in a Raven Software tweet. Instead of doing something about it, Raven Software blocked them on Twitter. Now, they could be working on a case to put a cease & desist out, but it didn’t seem like it. We’ve seen so many different hacks and cheats over the months. It wasn’t enough that aim hacks exist, but now there’s a Silent Aim Hack. 

Typical Aim Hacks look perfect. Someone scopes you down and obliterates you before you can even react. Those players lock onto you expertly and blow you away. This new Silent Aim Hack lets someone pick up more than 40 kills in a match without clearly locking onto anyone. In the video we saw, a cheater was moving through a run of Warzone with 37 kills. When it was down to six players (them and five others), we saw it in action. The cheater got onto a hill and it looked like they were shooting randomly.

No timed shots, no locking onto people clearly. Instead, he just spun and shot for a few seconds. The next thing we knew, the other players were dead. Could it have been someone with unreal, expert skills? No! They aimed at the ground, spun quickly, and shot the dirt. Then they won. When Raven Software reveals they banned 50,000 people, nobody even took it seriously. A content creator for FaZe, FaZe Kalei responded with “cant wait for them to make all new accounts! Thank you raven, working hard!” 

In that announcement, Raven Software also said, “More importantly, we are listening and hard at work behind the scenes. We will have more info for you soon.” We hope that means that Raven Software actually is working on some quality Anti Cheat for the game, but we aren’t holding our breath at this point. 

We’ve seen announcements of 60,000 accounts getting banned, and nobody really seemed to care. TimTheTatMan said when this happened back in February that there will be 60,000 new accounts, and asked: “who gives a f**k?” This isn’t a problem that’s gone on for a few weeks. We’ve seen cheaters and hackers in Warzone cheaters even in betas, like the Black Ops: Cold War beta. Back in January, a team was banned for cheating during a Twitch Rivals tournament. 

People have openly cheated on Facebook Gaming, without a care in the world. We’ve seen people openly show off how cheats and hacks for Warzone work. Some claim to do it because other people do it to them, but that doesn’t do anything to stop the problem. Arguably, it only makes it worse. Back in January/February, Warzone made a point to say that “CHEATERS NOT WELCOMED IN CALL OF DUTY: WARZONE” which only resulted in laughter. The game has little to no anti-cheat, and you can easily make a free Warzone account again. Many cheaters have 25-50 alternate accounts, and they’re ready to go right after being banned.

Would we love to see this problem at least slow down? Of course, we would. We gain no joy from the suffering of the Warzone population. Some of us play the game too. Warzone’s devs claim to be working 24/7 to make the game fair and fun, but that “fair” part sure seems to have been left in the dust. We’ll keep an open mind, and wait for Raven Software’s announcement because we want Warzone to have good anti-cheat. Or at least some anti-cheat. While we want Warzone to succeed and be free of cheaters, the company has done nothing to earn trust from its own playerbase. It’s incredibly easy to cheat, and the exploits/hacks get more intense as the weeks go on.  


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