Wario & Breakout Made a Game Together: Its Name Is Antonball Deluxe

by in General | Sep, 23rd 2021

Independent titles are always full of new and inventive ideas. With game development now being easier than ever, it’s possible for players to find their own way of making titles that can spawn a whole new genre of gaming. From developers like Toby Fox working tirelessly on games like Undertale and Deltarune, to games like Shovel Knight or Cuphead bringing back incredibly hard games from the older generations of gaming. Now, there’s a new contender, and their game is a mix of two of the most unlikely titles on the planet.

Antonball Deluxe

Originally made by developers Summitsphere, for a game jam, the Gameboy-styled game Antonball followed a very Wario-like character named Anton, who used his ball to destroy the bricks inside the sewers on his way home.

From a base perspective, this game looks to be a mix between Wario Land, Breakout, and the original Mario Brothers. With all these in mind, the success of Antonball brought Summitsphere to make an enhanced version of the game with a new mode, entitled Antonball Deluxe, which is now coming to the Nintendo Switch on September 28.

The game features a remake of the original Antonball, which has the character Anton using his shoulder dash to break through the sewers again, all while fighting its denizens as he tries to make his way home. However, this isn’t the only mode that’s included in the game.


A different version of the game, Punchball, is also included. This two-player co-op title sees Anton and his building mate Annie, fight through a punchball tourney to get a lifetime supply of Ballble Tea. This mode doesn’t include the brick-breaking fun of the previous mode, but instead takes a page out of Mario Bros, with Anton and Annie using the punchball to throw at enemies wandering the map and kick them off stage to complete a level. This arcade-styled game is going to keep players on the edge of their seats if they’re expecting to walk out of the punchball tourney a winner.

VS. Antonball

The final mode in the game is the addition of VS. Antonball. Similar to a normal game of Antonball, two teams will be working against one another to destroy the colored wall on the other side of the map, and whoever makes their ball reach the other side first wins. However, there are also some powerups that players can use if they want to take out the competition’s wall first.

On top of this, 20 characters are also going to be unlockable in the game, one of which comes from another Warioland spiritual successor, Pizza Tower. The character of Peppino is going to be available to play in the game.

It’s no surprise that this game feels right at home with the Nintendo Switch, with the game an art style similar to the old Nintendo arcade titles, as well as characters that look a lot like Wario and Waluigi. However, just because things look similar, doesn’t mean the game won’t bring something new for you to enjoy. Antonball Deluxe launches on Nintendo Switch on September 28. Players who can’t wait to check it out right now can play the game on Steam.


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