Want to Play Solo Against Bots in Fortnite? Here’s How

by in Fortnite | Sep, 22nd 2020

Bots play an important role in the overall growth of Fortnite, whether solo or in groups. After all, as a new player, do you want to be thrown in with the wolves? Only playing against experienced, skilled players without time to figure out the overall gameplay loop? In some games, that’s going to be fine – fighting games, for example. You can’t get better without playing against real people. But a lot of kids play Fortnite, and new players may want to try their hand against bots. So it makes sense.

However, a trick has been found that gives you unlimited games against bots on your primary account. What’s the scoop though? This isn’t a hack or cheat though, so you won’t get banned

How (and Why)?

Here’s why! Some people want to play Fortnite but only play against bots. Not everyone is competitive with real people and get anxious/stressed about it. It’s also great for young kids who see their loved ones playing and want to try it for themselves without getting battered by some streamer who one-shots them. This is a terrific way to practice strategies, and complete challenges you otherwise might not be able to. 

It also helps you win way more, making you as a player look far more competent. However, one thing that has to be said about unlimited bot matches, is that streamers/YouTubers can use this to make themselves look way better than they actually are. Simply obliterating bots with crazy shots and skills might make for entertaining YouTube videos, but if the audience doesn’t know they aren’t real people, there’s a bit of a disconnect. We aren’t saying people are going to go and do it, but there are lots of disingenuous people out there. Just sayin’.

However, you need to make a new account on another platform to the one you play on first (whether it’s Mobile, PC, Console, whichever).

  • Create a new account on a platform different from your main account.
  • Send your new account a friend request and accept.
  • Have your new account create the lobby and join on your primary account.
  • Set the lobby to a Squads No Fill match.
  • Queue up on both accounts at once.
  • Leave the lobby on your new account as soon as it loads. If you gain any experience, the trick won’t work.
  • Now your main account should now be in a full bot lobby with no real players in it.

It’s important to note that to play solo against bots lobby in Fortnite, you need to never get exp on the alternate account. Otherwise, this won’t work. It’s not the worst exploit, and it doesn’t hurt anyone. It can really help players who want to practice or overcome challenges easier to do so, but it could also make players look way better than they are. Don’t worry though; anyone who tries to do this for skill and clout will surely expose themselves by hacking.

There’s no telling if this will be patched out, but for the time being, you can have as many matches against bots as you want. Whether you use it to get good, learn the game, complete challenges, or simply show off some potential crazy skillshots, that’s entirely up to you. 


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