Want to Know Overwatch Loot Box Drop Rates? The Secret is Revealed

by in Overwatch | Nov, 30th 2020

There’s absolutely no reason a buy-to-play game needs purchasable loot boxes. Judging by reactions on the internet, that’s a fairly hot take. But it’s the truth nonetheless. That having been said, Overwatch is a buy-to-play with loot boxes that can be purchased with real money. As a game that has been out for years, it’s been often accused of encouraging gambling for this very reason. In a move that should have been made years ago though, Overwatch has revealed the loot box drop rates in the actual game client. Is this a move to be seen less as gambling? Perhaps it is. Now there’s a page on the home screen that gives the details you need to know. But we’re here to help regardless!

This has been a requirement in China since 2017, but it didn’t come to the American version until 2020. That’s pretty telling. Blizzard must be really feeling the heat if they’ve opened up this kind of information. 

Drop Rates, Revealed!

Of course, the legendary (re: best) skins are the hardest to come by. That makes sense, even if the chances of one dropping feel paltry. So what about these Overwatch Loot Box drop rates? We already knew that each loot box has either four items or three items and credits. Each box is guaranteed to have a rare or higher quality item. 

What about the actual percentages? Common Items have titanic 99% chance to drop, Rares come in at 94%, Epics at 18.5%, and finally, Legendary options have a 7.5% chance to fall. We understand that you want them to be hard to get, but those numbers hurt. 

The loot box drop rates page for Overwatch also points out that an epic quality item will be found in one out of every 5.5 loot boxes, and legendary items are in every 13.5. Now, whether or not that’s a guarantee or not, it remains to be seen. The more we read, the more this seems to be a way to dodge the stigmata of Overwatch’s loot boxes being seen as gambling. This is more apparent as the page points out that none of these items offer an in-game advantage. 

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An Overwatch Loot Box

This is not necessarily true though. The Overwatch “Summer Games” skins have a few barefoot characters (D.Va, Pharah most notably) and their footsteps don’t make any sound. That right there can give someone as strong as Pharah a serious advantage in PVP. While not a real advantage, Reaper’s “Nevermore” skin has him make a sound like a flock of crows, instead of saying “Death comes” for his teleport. It’s not game-breaking but can certainly throw people off. There aren’t very many “pay-to-win” skins in Overwatch. Thankfully, they’ve mostly avoided that fate.

That having been said, we’re glad that Overwatch finally released the stats concerning the loot box drop rates. More and more people are starting to see problems with how much is spent on Overwatch loot boxes, and a reality where this kind of thing could be restricted isn’t too far off. There are acts that have been proposed such as the “Protecting Children from Abusive Games Act”, that tried to shoot down pay-to-win games and loot boxes just in general. 

Was this the right move? Absolutely. Even if it is a way to try and get in front of bad PR, it’s important for players to know what the odds are of attaining the awesome skins/items that they want. This doesn’t let us know what the odds are of getting sprays instead of skins are, but let’s be honest – we’re way more likely to get crap we don’t need, instead of something like a legendary skin. At least we have some information on what the odds are, and that’s important.


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