Vivo Keyd’s Heat Gets a Marshal Ace at Valorant Masters Berlin

by in Valorant | Sep, 14th 2021

Vivo Keyd is the Brazilian roster that carries all the hope for South America at Valorant Masters Berlin. They shocked the world in Iceland, and VK are looking to make it further in this event than they did in May. Their performance during the group stage so far has been explosive, and they’re torching their way through the competition. At the head of VK’s roster is heat, a player with over 130 pro Valorant games; every single one of them is on Jett. heat is a hard one-trick, but there’s a reason he sticks with this mobile Agent. He’s the top fragger for the Brazillian squad at Valorant Masters Berlin, and he looks good no matter what gun he’s running, even pulling off an ace with the Marshal.

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