Vision Strikers Captain Glow Retires From Pro Play

by in Valorant | May, 18th 2021

Yesterday, sad news befell fans of Valorant’s Vision Strikers team, as their captain Glow has announced his retirement, posting a video on the YouTube page on the Vision Strikers team.

Glow’s History in Professional Play

Glow started playing online professionally back in 2008 when he joined the Lunatic-Hai Counter-Strike 1.6 team. His skills as a professional player quickly made him one of the biggest names in the FPS community at the time. Glow would continue to compete in CS 1.6 with WeMade FOX in 2009, taking a spot on the team’s main roster and furthering his career in the FPS community. Glow would eventually divulge from the FPS community for a short time as he had to go through mandatory military training. When Glow returned, he went back to the esports scene, competing in CSGO with MVP PK on their main team. It wasn’t until 2020 when Glow decided to join up with Vison Strikers to take part in their Valorant team. He’d remained a part of the squad until Monday, when he announced his retirement from competitive play, putting an end to Glows 13-year career in esports.

Glow’s Reasoning for Retirement From Valorant

Glow announced his retirement in a video posted on the Vison Strikers YouTube Channel. “Some people may question my decision; “Why is he suddenly retiring when his team has been doing so well even after the recent losses?”, but taking into consideration my age and the future success of our team, I think that it’s the right time for me to retire.” Glow had led the Vision Strikers on their Valorant Journey through 2020, amassing an astounding 104 wins, four draws, and two losses for the year, a record that is certainly nothing to scoff at.

Glow has since elaborated on his reasoning for retirement from the Valorant team, stating, “The Vision Strikers you see today is a result of great patience and hard work. However, amidst all this competition, my time as a player has coming to an end, and I myself felt this the most especially over Challengers 1, and Challengers 2, where we ended up shocking a lot of people with our loss and where I felt that my ceiling as a player was at its limit.”

Glow admits feeling that he’s holding the team back as he gets older and believes that his team will continue to improve, but he, as a player, will not be able to keep up with the rest of them. In the video, he laments that while he is sentimental about his departure from the team, he wishes the best for the Vison Strikers in his absence. “I believe that Vision Strikers will develop even further (without me) and become an organization that not only conquers the domestic scene, but in the international stage, as well as other endeavors.”

As Glow leaves the professional scene, no word has been mentioned as to who will be replacing the FPS legend in on the Vision Strikers.


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