Virtus Pro Signs Northern Lights PUBG Team

by in PUBG | Dec, 15th 2020

The end of the year might be approaching, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some more esports competitions for PUBG fans to check out. Better yet, some massive team signings are happening in the industry for these events, like the Virtus Pro PUBG roster. 

Virtus Pro Is an Organization With Rich History in Europe

Virtus Pro is one of the most prolific and successful esports organizations based out of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). They operate largely in that region and have some impressive earnings throughout the history of the company. 

Most famous for participating in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, this is the same company that hosted most of the players from the legendary Golden Five, which is the most popular Counter-Strike team to come out of Poland in the history of that competitive game. 

In many cases, they have been considered S-Tier, winning numerous first-place prizes throughout the tenure of its esports history. There was just a first-place win for the organization most recently as of this month. They have proven to be one of the strongest esports teams in those games in that region.  

While those were the games and events that the company is known for, the organization is leaping to have a Virtus Pro PUBG roster, in addition to what it already does. This is the first significant game addition for the organization in a long time. 

Virtus Pro Signs Northern Lights PUBG Team

What is interesting about the Virtus Pro PUBG roster is that it isn’t just a bunch of newcomers that you may not have heard of and may be skilled but haven’t been proven as competitors yet. Instead, Virtus Pro made the smart decision to sign an entire team of unbelievably skilled players. 

The Virtus Pro PUBG roster consists of an entire team already well known in the battle royale circuits and the community, and that team is none other than Northern Lights. One of the most popular and best squads in the entire region, this team was an excellent choice for the esports company.

Northern Lights is a famous team, so this is a solid get for Virtus Pro. The Virtus Pro PUBG roster now consists of all four players who make up the Northern Lights squad, including Aleksandr “BatulinS” Batulin, Kirill “Lu” Lukianov, Yaroslav “spyrro” Kuvichko, and Dmytro “Perfect1ks” Dubeniuk.

These four players are already established and talented players in the community with some fans of their own, so the signing to Virtus Pro could only help them reach even further in the future with the tentpole esports organization’s professional expertise. 

Virtus Pro PUBG Roster Will Have Its First Event Soon

The Virtus Pro PUBG roster will be joined by their head coach and the manager and analyst for the squad. The head coach will be Ramazan “H1RUZEN” Valiullin, while the team manager and analyst will be Alexander “Dyrem” Sevirinov. 

Together, these six members (four players, the supporting coach and manager) will make up the entire PUBG roster for Virtus Pro moving forward. It is a solid group that many will be looking forward to seeing in action under their new team organization soon.

Fans of Northern Lights will not have to wait long to see them playing together under the Virtus Pro banner as their first competition since the signing happened is coming up very soon. Seemingly keeping their team name of Northern Lights while still under Virtus Pro, from what we can tell, they will compete later this week in their first event since this huge change.

The first event under the Virtus Pro banner will be this weekend, Friday, Dec. 18 through Sunday, Dec. 20, and it will be the long-awaited PUBG Dreamhack Winter Showdown for the European region. This massive tournament will let us see firsthand how the team will do under Virtus Pro.

Dreamhack PUBG Winter Showdown Event Details

In this particular event, 16 of the very best teams from all over Europe will compete for a share of the prize pool and even more fame. Northern Lights will be one of those teams there, ranking among the very best in Europe when it comes to battle royale. 

The online-only tournament will return the popular Dreamhack battle royale events after a little bit and be played on PC using the four-player squads first-person perspective only for this particular event. Northern Lights should already be proud of itself for making it to this point through the qualifiers.  

The open qualifiers saw a whopping up to 384 teams that attempted to reach the Dreamhack Winter Showdown in PUBG. Through several different stages, we are down to only the very best 16 teams from around Europe. They will compete to find out who the winner will be. 

The prize pool for the event will be $30,000, shared among the top six teams. It looks like only the top six teams will walk away from the event with some cash in hand. The prize pool sharings go like this:

  • First-Place Winners: $13,500
  • Runner-ups: $7,000
  • $3,500
  • $2,500
  • $2,000
  • $1,500

It looks like the rest of the teams who compete in the event will not make anything. Northern Lights is one of the best PUBG teams in Europe, but they will have to give it their all in the upcoming event since they will be competing against the impressive likes of TSM, Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, and several other top tier teams. 


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