VCT Game Changers EMEA Playoffs – Teams to Watch Out For

by in Valorant | Sep, 30th 2021

VCT: Game Changers has sparked a lot of interest among organizations looking to capitalize on the increasing popularity of Valorant and Riot’s commitment to expanding opportunities for women and marginalized gender identities. The material support Riot’s offering for what’s becoming Tier 2/Women’s Valorant certainly goes a long way, and it’s driving more interest into what’s been a nascent scene for Valorant. So far, it seems like orgs are picking up more and more teams to compete in this scene and help foster growth for players that show skill.

We’ve already looked at the NA region for VCT: Game Changers and the top 8 teams that have made it to the main event, which will be taking place today, but our focus is now on the EMEA region where some notable teams have made it to the main event and are poised to compete in the round of 16.

Who’s Competing at VCT: Game Changers EMEA?

Here is the full list of teams competing at the VCT: Game Changers EMEA playoffs stage:

Which of these 16 teams will come out on top? (credit Liquidpedia)
  • SMARACIS Esports Female
  • Valstars Gaming Female
  • Futbolist Female
  • Team Singularity Female
  • SuperMassive Blaze Female
  • The Originals (ex-XSET Women’s CSGO)
  • Guild X
  • Rix.GG Lightning
  • TENSTAR Nova
  • Fire Flux Female
  • Chat Banned
  • Oxxgen Esports
  • BBL Queens
  • The Goose House Lunar
  • Zero Zone W

The team that undoubtedly has everyone’s attention is Originals who are rumored to be getting signed by G2 soon. The Originals is composed of the former XSET women’s CSGO squad and the addition of Rix.GG’s aNNja. The history and legacy of players like julianno, mimi, ZaaZ, and Petra will certainly paint a target on their back as any wins against this squad will certainly be an upset.

Another notable team is TENSTAR Nova, who are the back to back champions of the Huntress Trials for July and August, and took 2nd place against Project X at the Women in Games Valorant Community Cup.

Oxxgen Exports will also be another team to keep an eye on as they’ve won TGH x Birds of Prey: Episode 2 against TENSTAR Nova shortly after their Huntress Trials win. The Turkish squad also won the Huntress Trials back in April and have seen impressive results overall at several community competitions.

The VCT: Game Changers EMEA playoffs should be underway now. The game to watch will definitely be Futbolist Female and BBL Queens as they seem fairly even in terms of skill. Overall, VCT: Game Changers EMEA will set a precedent for women’s Valorant in the EMEA region and help expand the global presence of women’s Valorant overall.


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