VCS Will Not Compete at Worlds 2021

by in League of Legends | Sep, 2nd 2021

The VCS can’t catch a break: according to a report by, Vietnamese representatives will be unable to attend Worlds 2021 which, if true, would make it the third international tournament in a row that Vietnam would be forced to miss out on.

That’s about as depressing as it gets, and the fact that things aren’t getting any better only makes it worse. According to the report, Riot will make it official once it locks down venues for the event — it’s only a matter of days at this point. 

Unfortunate… To Say the Least

We’re crushed to hear this disheartening development. Although, in all fairness, the writing was on the wall for quite a while. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t blown over yet and, depending on the region, only seems to be getting worse and more complicated to handle. 

As a result, VCS representatives had had numerous issues when it came to acquiring visas to enter Europe and compete at Worlds 2021. Riot had reportedly wanted to send both the 2021 VCS Spring Split champions GAM Esports and the runners-up Saigon Buffalo to Worlds, but it seems that neither will be able to compete on the biggest of stages come October. Vietnamese champions always delivered internationally only make this whole thing more disheartening — they’re feisty and play with the utmost bravado and confidence. 

Not having them compete is a blow, and it’ll no doubt be felt once Worlds comes around. 

In any case, we hope that Riot — and the many teams and players that are scheduled to compete — won’t run into any issues going forward. Whether that’s realistic or not remains to be seen, but a bit of optimism certainly can’t hurt at this point.


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