Vanguard’s Year of Free Content Begins With Shipment Map

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 28th 2021

Call of Duty Vanguard launches next week, featuring the first return to a World War II setting in almost four years since the launch of 2017’s WWII, also from Sledgehammer Games. As the launch approaches, Sledgehammer is now looking to the future, including the Vanguard Shipment map and more.

Vanguard’s Year of Free Content Unveiled

Like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 and Black Ops Cold War before it, Vanguard will feature free post-launch seasonal content to check out without purchasing pesky DLC and expansion packs. 

Instead, all post-launch maps, game modes, and the like will be free to all players (minus the exclusive stuff for PlayStation users only). This will be part of the year of free content for Vanguard. We anticipate around six seasons worth of content for Vanguard, similar to Cold War, but that was not directly stated. 

However, what we do know is that the next year will feature free content for all platforms and it will begin very soon after the launch of the game. The title will come out with a breadth of multiplayer, singleplayer, and Zombies content available for users to check out. 

You have the singleplayer story campaign set across four World War II fronts, the 16 maps that will make up the multiplayer suite at launch, and the Zombies maps that Treyarch is creating. However, more is on the way soon after that, which will see those numbers continue to grow, especially on the multiplayer side. 

Post-Launch Content Begins With Shipment

The Vanguard post-launch content will begin in early November with the first DLC map: Shipment. The Vanguard Shipment map will see this classic locale from the Modern Warfare series leap through time to feature a World War II-set version. 

Shipment is one of the smallest maps in the Call of Duty series. It has become synonymous as almost the Modern Warfare counterpart to Nuketown on the Black Ops side, so it is no surprise that the Vanguard Shipment iteration will be the first post-launch map. 

The crazy, chaotic and small map set in some shipping containers will feature teams battling it out in close combat once again, but this time in World War II. This new version of the map features a beautiful tropical setting and looks rather similar to the new Warzone Pacific island. 

Players will be able to get their hands on the Vanguard Shipment version when it launches only two weeks after the full game’s release on November 17, 2021. It will be the 17th main multiplayer map, so the date is fitting since the four other multiplayer maps are only in Champion Hill. 

What is important to note about the Vanguard Shipment release is that it will feature post-launch content unrelated to the first season. This is before the first season of Vanguard and Call of Duty Warzone release, offering a nice intro to that first major content drop, again, similar to what Cold War did a year ago with Nuketown. 

Operation Flashback Will Start the End of Verdansk

The prelude to the first season connecting Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard will continue in Warzone, too. While the mainline Call of Duty fans will enjoy the Vanguard Shipment map, the battle royale fans in Warzone will enjoy their unique pre-season content

It all begins with the first of several limited-time events in Warzone, known as Operation Flashback. A lot has happened on Verdansk since its release in early March 2020. This game mode will pay homage to the legacy of the map as we head towards a future without it. 

Verdansk is coming to an end, but before then, we will enjoy a nice glimpse of everything that has happened throughout the year and a half. Operation Flashback will be a special version of battle royale that will feature classic moments from its time in Warzone. 

Two unique rewards will be up for grabs in this mode, an emblem just for participating in the mode and an animated calling card themed around the past and present of Warzone for those who can get the battle royale victory at the end of the limited-time game mode match. 

Operation Flashback is pretty secret for now, but we know that every new circle will feature a new public event that will pay respects to the different moments with Verdansk in the past. This event will begin on November 18 and will stick around for an unspecified amount of time. Moments that are teased include heading from modern-day to 1984, the 80s Action Heroes event, and The Haunting, so we expect some wildly different rounds of every match to happen. 

Secrets of the Pacific Will Tease the New Caldera Map

Operation Flashback is only the beginning as there is a second limited-time event that will begin in Warzone about a week later with Secrets of the Pacific. This event is here to prepare players for the end of Verdansk and the start of something new in the Pacific. 

The limited-time event is being developed by Beenox and will feature players attempting to collect vital information about the new Warzone Pacific map known as Caldera officially. This mode and event will allow players the chance to find out about Caldera and its points of interest while earning unique rewards. 

You will learn about the new parts of the Caldera Pacific map through completing event challenges in both Vanguard and Warzone, starting on November 24. Warzone will have different objectives, such as collecting and defending Pacific artifacts that you find across Verdansk and more. 

The end goal of this event will be to tease players for the Caldera map that will be coming just a short time later in Warzone. Interestingly, this particular event will include missions for Vanguard, too, so players can enjoy playing in whichever game they prefer then. 

Verdansk’s End Revealed

With the reveal of Vanguard Shipment and the free year of content that will be featured in both it and Warzone, it is also being announced formally that Verdansk is coming to an end, possibly forever (but probably not in our opinion). There are now less than 40 days left to play this map. 

The reveal of when the complete and total end of Verdansk will happen has not yet been revealed, but we can infer when that will be based on the information provided to us. We know that the destruction of Verdansk will begin on November 30, but that is not the end itself, more than likely, but the start. 

With the launch of Caldera just a couple of days later, the destruction of Verdansk will likely be somewhat drawn out to allow players to get in there and enjoy the final scene of this fan-favorite battle royale destination. This event is being developed by Beenox and will be a fitting end to the beloved location as we move into a new era of Warzone. 

Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Announced

Speaking of the new era of the battle royale game, it is officially changing its name with the launch of Season 1 of its connection to Vanguard. Once the new season drops, it will be called Call of Duty Warzone Pacific, the new tropical island and WWII-set version of battle royale. 

The Call of Duty Warzone Pacific era will feature Season 1 with Vanguard and the new Caldera map that will replace Verdansk. Roughly the same overall size as Verdansk, this new map is featured on a tropical island set in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 

There will be main named locations all over the beautiful island for you to land and visit, but, overall, there will be more than 200 points of interest, ranging from the named ones to the smaller areas. Built over the last two years using feedback from the community, it is built in the Vanguard engine and looks to be quite exciting. 

It will be ready to support all of the weapons and equipment from Vanguard and Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare. No one is being left behind in this new era, as all of the weapons, operators, and everything else you have built up over the past year and a half will remain. 

The new season and map will launch on December 2, 2021, almost a month after the release of Vanguard. With it will come the launch of the new map and the Ricochet anti-cheat software that was previously announced. This will allow kernel-level drivers on PC that should help considerably with the hacking and cheating on that platform in Warzone. 

Limited Time Modes and Vanguard Royale

New Vanguard-themed modes will launch with the release of the first Warzone Pacific season, starting with a dogfighting mode. Dogfighting is teased as a major part of the upcoming Caldera map. This limited-time mode will amplify that to a new level. 

It will feature plenty of aerial battles across the island and some AA guns for those who wish to stop the planes in their tracks. All progression in this new season will carry over to Modern Warfare and Cold War through the seasonal leveling system that will continue. 

If you are interested in Warzone Pacific and the Caldera map, you might want to pick up Vanguard before it launches. While the map will come out on December 2, Vanguard owners will have 24 hours of early access to the Caldera map the day before. 

With more than 150 weapons in Warzone at the start of the Pacific first season, that is quite an overwhelming amount of weaponry used in battle royale. There is a more streamlined aspect of Warzone that will be available for those interested in it. 

There will be a Vanguard Royale game mode and a Vanguard Plunder playlist that will be part of Warzone Pacific that will feature only the weapons and vehicles from that particular game. None of the weapons from Modern Warfare or Cold War will be featured in this mode, but you will be able to use your operators from those games. 

This will streamline the meta considerably, allowing you to level up and learn the new Vanguard weapons in a more defined ruleset. With the insane attachments of up to 10 per gun in Vanguard, likely, the new weapons from World War II will possibly dominate Warzone in the future, so it is best to learn them while you can. 

Familiarity will remain in Warzone Pacific, though, as mentioned with the operators and store bundles that will be in the store from across all three connected games. Furthermore, Caldera will not be the only battle royale map that you can play in Warzone Pacific. 

Though Verdansk is coming to an end soon, Rebirth Island is not the case. The Black Ops-themed map will remain in Warzone as the second option for those who want a bit of nostalgia still alongside the newness of Caldera. We will have more to say about Season 1 of Vanguard and Warzone Pacific soon as we approach its launch date of December 2. 


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