Vanguard Weapons and Content Release in Warzone for Free

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 14th 2021

Call of Duty Warzone will be the companion game to the World War II-themed Vanguard soon, but before that, it still has some obligations to uphold for Black Ops Cold War. That said, this has not stopped Vanguard content from releasing in the game, like the Warzone M1 Garand rifle and more. 

Raven Software Releases Free Vanguard Content Early in Warzone

Raven Software has surprised the community with some free early Vanguard content that you can enjoy right now in the next few weeks in the lead-up to the release of the next mainline Call of Duty game. As part of this, players will get a taste of that game through the new Warzone content. 

The content includes several additions to the battle royale title that will allow players to enjoy Vanguard-specific items and even weapons before releasing that game. You will be able to use them in the matches that you are doing right now in the game, even though we are still in Season 6 of Warzone and Cold War

The best part about all of this is that you will even be able to use Vanguard weapons in the game, as the Warzone M1 Garand and more. These guns come directly from Vanguard, developed on the same engine as Warzone, so they will likely play rather similarly. 

In total, 24 items were offered this way. You can start picking them up right now by the time that you are reading this in Warzone. It will require you to go through some steps to unlock the massive amount of items, but it will likely be worth it for the early access content.

Perhaps the most welcome part about this entire situation is that we were not expecting to get new Vanguard content in Warzone until much later in the year. Though the game comes out on November 5, which is less than a month away, that is not when it will connect to Warzone. 

Before the end of the year, the first season connecting the two games will happen, but that could be anytime between November 6 and December 31. All we know is that it will not happen at launch. We expect the new Pacific multiplayer map and all that to drop, at the very least, not until near the end of November, if not early December. 

Regardless of how it does end up happening, that is a decent amount of time to wait for the release of the new Vanguard content in Warzone, which is why this sudden drop of items is so great. With it, players will be able to jump in there right now and start checking out Vanguard weapons before the release of that game. Here’s everything you need to know about this situation, from the different items you can get to how to unlock them. 

How You Progress Through the New Content in Season 6

Of course, if you want to unlock the various items offered through this early Warzone and Vanguard connection, what you need to do is play a bunch of Warzone. How it works is that the new weapons, like the Warzone M1 Garand and other items, are now in the battle pass.

There is no new battle pass in the game right now since Season 6 just started recently. There is already a ton of content there, but these 24 new items have just been added. So, what you will need to do is make sure to progress through all of the tiers there to unlock these items. 

They are scattered throughout the Season 6 battle pass, with some early on and others much later in the tiers, so you will need to do the usual seasonal grind if you want to check them out. The best part about this whole situation, though, is that every single one of the 24 items is free. 

You will not even have to own the paid version of the Season 6 battle pass to unlock any of them, even the more cosmetic ones that have nothing to do with the weapons and so on. These items are free to everyone. You can do your usual grind to unlock them. 

One example of this is that, at tier one in the battle pass, you will unlock two items: a legendary sticker for use in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War and a double weapon experience token for Warzone. 

However, if you want, you can save that double experience token and use it in Vanguard, but it will not work in Cold War and Modern Warfare, from what we can tell. The best part about this is that you will not have to start grinding all over again to get these items.

If you have already reached tier two in the battle pass at this point, for instance, you will automatically receive those two tier-one items as soon as you log in. This even goes for the higher tier ones, so those players who already maxed out the battle pass will immediately have access to everything, including the new weapons. 

Warzone Vanguard Weapons Available Through Blueprints

That’s right, two new Warzone weapons are available today, and they both come from Vanguard. These two World War II weapons are just a small slice of the gameplay experience that you will be able to enjoy when the full game comes out next month. 

The two weapons are the Warzone M1 Garand and the STG. The Warzone M1 Garand is an American WWII marksman rifle that is powerful and a classic weapon. In contrast, the assault rifle is a German-developed STG that is another fan favorite already in Vanguard. 

What you should know about this situation with these new weapons is that they are not available in the normal means of handling new guns in Warzone. Instead, they are only available through specific weapon blueprints that are now in Warzone to be unlocked. 

These weapon blueprints are the only way to unlock the two new weapons, and there are further restrictions for them beyond just that. You will also not be able to customize these weapons in the Gunsmith, as you would normally be able to do with other weapons. 

Because the base weapons are not in the game right now, you will not be able to choose the attachments and skins you want to equip on the weapons. However, you will be able to equip the already crafted weapon blueprints in your loadout to use them in matches. 

This is a highly restrictive way of handling the new Vanguard weapons in Warzone, but it is still a great change of pace since new weapons are welcome nonetheless. After all, we now get to experience the brand new guns in Warzone before they even release in Vanguard as much as we want for free. 

What makes these two weapons even more unique is that they follow the Vanguard way of handling them. Instead of the usual five or so attachments that you might be used to with Warzone guns from both Modern Warfare and Cold War, these will have much more. 

Each weapon blueprints for the Warzone M1 Garand and STG have anywhere from seven to a whopping 10 attachments that will be equipped on them immediately. This may inherently sound broken, and understandably so, but it will show off how the Vanguard gameplay will fit into Warzone. 

After all, you can equip up to 10 attachments immediately in the WWII game without having to use a special perk or the like. This is because most attachments will give some hefty penalties to another aspect of the gun that you have to consider. 

This means that, while a weapon will have 10 attachments, this could mean that it lacks considerably in every other area except the main ones that it is built for, keeping it in check compared to the usual guns. That said, there is still definitely the chance for this to not matter too much in practice. 

How to Unlock Bonerattler and Warning Track Assault Rifle

As for how to unlock the STG, to start with, what you need to know is that this gun will have two weapon blueprints that you can unlock for it. There are two main options that you can choose from, so there is a little bit of choice in deciding which will work best for you. 

If you want the STG, the only way to play it is to select one of these weapon blueprints. However, to do that, you have to unlock the blueprint first, which requires you to progress a good bit through the current Season 6 battle pass. 

Since these two weapon blueprints, along with the other ones for the Warzone M1 Garand, are among the most important items offered in the battle pass right now, you will find that their tiers are pretty high up there to encourage grinding. 

For starters, the STG assault rifle has the Bonerattler weapon blueprint that you can get. It is the earliest out of the new weapons in the game, so the easiest to unlock and start using immediately. The Bonerattler blueprint is available at only tier 24, which some players may have already reached. 

If you have, you can start using it as soon as you log into the game. The Bonerattler is a weapon that has attachments that are built for quick and closer engagements overall. Much of the attachments that it has sacrificed the range that it employs for speed up close. In that way, it may not be for everyone. 

Then there is the Warning Track assault rifle blueprint is available much later in the pass at tier 64. This one is the only weapon in the game thus far to have a max of 10 attachments on it, making it quite the fascinating weapon overall. 

The opposite of the Bonerattler, it is all about long-range fights and accuracy. Raven is already expecting this weapon to be a king among the mid to long-range weapons in the game right now, so this is one that assault rifle fans should check out in the game. 

How to Unlock M1 Garand Weapon Blueprints

For the Warzone M1 Garand, there are also two weapon blueprints that you can unlock, but the tiers for them are higher up than those for the assault rifle. To unlock the first one, known as the White Obsidian tactical rifle, you will need to reach tier 34. 

It is built for long-range fights, too, and has eight attachments already on it that mean business. It can work on even the most extreme ranges in Warzone that are possible with a rifle, meaning that you can use this bad boy as a heavy-duty rifle. 

It is even considered a great tactical rifle for beginners as it has a lot of buffs that make it easy to handle for even newcomers. On the other hand, the expert weapon in this category of the Warzone M1 Garand is the last weapon blueprint from Vanguard at tier 72. 

This one is known as the Heirloom tactical rifle. It also comes with eight attachments. However, its role is much different. It is quite accurate and powerful for long-range fights, but it is also harder to manage, making it a better choice for players who are expert snipers. In the right hands, it could wipe an entire squad running around with ease. 

Beyond those four weapon blueprints, there are 20 more items you will be able to get in the battle pass from Vanguard. These include the six total double XP tokens available in the pass, three calling cards, two emblems, three sprays, three weapon charms, two stickers, and the timeless Clocked In watch. It is the final item that is available at tier 98. 


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