Vanguard Players Are Unhappy With the “Tone Deaf” Incendiary Grenade Addition

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 14th 2021

Call of Duty Vanguard just entered the first season of its connection with Warzone Pacific, including its first major group of post-launch free content for the next year. As part of this, we received new weapons in the World War II game like the Vanguard incendiary grenade and many others. 

Vanguard Incendiary Grenade Fairly Disliked

The Vanguard incendiary grenade is the main new explosive weapon that players can use in the new season, but that does not mean that everyone is loving it right now. Unfortunately, the community seems pretty much in agreement that this was one addition that we did not need. 

This is especially seen in a recent Reddit post on the Vanguard page by the user Nytrousx who showed off the current “state of Vanguard” with the arrival of the Vanguard incendiary grenade. Players have to watch the attached gameplay clip with that single title alone to see what they mean.

And, oh boy, does the gameplay clip speak for itself. When the clip begins, the player is clearly in the middle of an insane match. There is fire everywhere, sparks flying, explosions, and too much bright and in-your-face visual effects happening at once. 

The player who is recording the video is currently on fire. It is total insanity, mainly because of the newly released Vanguard incendiary grenade that players use quite frequently right now. 

An Insane Shipment Match in Gameplay Clip

It is so hard to see in the gameplay clip, and I struggled to even watch parts of it because of the constant barrages of attacks, explosions, and chaos ensuing on the map. There is just so much that is going on. It is a seemingly endless onslaught of attacks repeatedly. 

It seems like this is a mix of everything from the Vanguard incendiary grenade to other items like the firebombing killstreak, the Molotov cocktail, the Gammon bomb, etc. All of these together create utter madness in that match. 

It takes almost half of the video clip that the user posted to realize that this is the Shipment map due to how nearly impossible it is to see what is around the player in the video. This is absolutely out of control and certainly not going to be fun to play. 

According to this Reddit user, it is clear that the community resonated with the current state of Vanguard in the positive responses to the post. There are more than 300 comments and counting on the viral thread, with 97% upvotes at the time of writing this. 

Reactions and Solutions for This Problem

The first comment on the post gives a pretty solid solution for this scenario, too, noting that the Vanguard incendiary grenade and other explosives would not be too much of an issue if there were an equipment-free playlist offered in Vanguard. 

In that playlist, players could enjoy fighting against other enemies without having to worry about dealing with the Vanguard incendiary grenade and other explosives. The original poster of the video clip responded and stated that they would like to see a trophy system to combat these explosives, but that is not in the game due to the time. 

The second-most popular comment on the Reddit post is more direct, getting to the heart of the matter and how much they dislike the addition of the Vanguard incendiary grenade. They called the developers “tone deaf” to add the new grenade and question what they were thinking in the process. 

They ended their reply by claiming that the developers must not play their own game or else they would know that this was annoying and unnecessary. Overall, it is clear that much of the community is none too happy with the Vanguard incendiary grenade. 

Incendiary Grenade: An Unnecessary Equipment Item

The video clip is certainly an outlier as not every match in the game will look like that, even on Shipment, but it is worth mentioning since this is a scenario that should not happen at all in an online game. The sheer chaos and insanity make the game almost impossible to play if it continues like that. 

It also brings up the fact that, perhaps, the Vanguard incendiary grenade was not necessary in the first place for the World War II game. After all, there were already items in the game that took their place, making it a pretty unnecessary addition that further intensifies the experience badly. 

The Gammon bomb explodes upon impact and deals some serious damage in the small area. The Molotov cocktail is an incendiary grenade without being called that, so it begs why we would need both of them in the same game. 

That is all before bringing up the killstreaks like the mortar barrage and others that rain down terror and explosions. Put all of these together. You have exactly the mess in the Shipment match that Reddit user showed off. Hopefully, the incendiary grenade and other explosives are nerfed, or at least given some better counters, to keep this sort of match from happening again in the future.


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