Vanguard Out of Bounds Exploits Revealed on Sub Pens, Tuscan, More

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 2nd 2021

Call of Duty Vanguard is one of the most popular FPS games to release this year, but it is not without its fair share of valid criticisms and issues. One such issue that has popped up recently is that there are Vanguard out of bounds areas that players can exploit in the middle of matches.

New Vanguard Out of Bounds Exploits Discovered

The Call of Duty Vanguard out of bounds exploits were discovered by the Reddit user dvo94, who recently shared the first of several of these on the Vanguard subreddit page. It did not take long for the post to, understandably, go viral there with 98% upvotes and more than 100 comments. 

This is likely since the Vanguard out of bounds exploit is one of the worst ones that we have seen in the World War II-themed game thus far since its launch. The post’s title is a simple one, stating that players should “watch out for this one on Sub Pens.” 

As for what they are referring to, the short gameplay clip comes into play as they revealed a Vanguard out of bounds area on the already somewhat controversial Sub Pens map. In the short 13-second clip, we get an idea of what this exploit is and where it is located. 

The video shows the player on the eastern indoor section of the Sub Pens map near the spawn area for one of the teams during most matches, like Search & Destroy and Team Deathmatch. They are just walking around minding their own business until they crouch to enter the garage-like area.

Sub Pens Map Glitch Makes Game Modes Unfair

When they do this, they are suddenly fired upon by an enemy behind them and quickly taken out before they can do anything about it. This is pretty standard stuff for Call of Duty Vanguard, but the wild part is what happens when the killcam drops after the Reddit user’s death. 

From the perspective of the player who eliminated them at this point, we can see that they are way above the Reddit user, firing down upon them from a bizarre location that they definitely should not be able to reach normally. 

This is a Vanguard out of bounds area that the player has reached and is seemingly untouchable when they get to this point. They are way above the other players, hinting that it might be accessible from either the higher floor of the indoor area on Sub Pens or the corner with crates just behind the eliminated player.

Regardless, this Vanguard out of bounds exploit is a highly dangerous one as it means that they are essentially invulnerable (or at least extremely hard to take out). At the same time, they are in this position, making matches like Team Deathmatch, Domination, and other game modes unfairly balanced.

Other Out of Bounds Areas Reportedly Exist

In all honesty, this Vanguard out of bounds glitch is not unheard of or surprising at all. We have seen several similar exploits in the past for other Call of Duty games like Modern Warfare and even Sledgehammer Games’ previous game WWII. 

This is expected, but what is wild about this Reddit post is that users came in and began commenting with their own Vanguard out of bounds areas they have discovered. Normally, you should have a countdown when you go out of the map’s bounds. Your character dies if you stay there for too long, but this is not the case for these special exceptions. 

One user noted a similar area on the Oasis map where you can go underneath the map and even see the person’s bullets coming up from under the sand there. That glitch made the Hardcore game modes difficult for the player and others. 

Another person brought up the popular and great Tuscan map, noting the slope of rubble in the courtyard-like area of the town. They were standing on top of that rubble, activated their Goliath field upgrade, and the game stuck them underneath the slope in an out of bounds area.

To make matters worse, one of the most popular comments on the thread is someone who brought up the fact that the Vanguard out of bounds area on Sub Pens in the video clip is not the only one on that map alone. There is another one that cheating players can take advantage of. 

That one is reportedly on the other side of the small to medium-sized map where there is a pipe. It goes about halfway up the wall there, and players can get inside of the pipe without being seen by anyone while in there and shoot at enemies. 

Do Not Use These Out of Bounds Exploits

Apparently, according to another user, there are two other out of bounds areas on Sub Pens. We should note here that we do not recommend players to use these exploits at all for any reason, even if you see someone else using it on your team or in the same match as you.

Sledgehammer Games has proven in the past that it is a banning developer that is quick to ban a player for using an exploit like this with WWII. We expect a similar situation with Vanguard. Until these issues are finally fixed, we strongly recommend playing the game fairly and how it is meant to be played, which means not using these exploits. 

There are already many users in the Reddit thread who noted that they reported each player they came across using these exploits. We imagine that it will be similar in most matches that someone is in where they use the out of bounds areas. 

You would be risking a serious ban in the game. It is more a matter of when not in this type of situation. On the other hand, if you encounter someone glitching into a normally inaccessible area of the map, you can report them by opening up the scoreboard and pressing the appropriate button while hovering over the player in question. 


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