Vanguard Captain America and Indiana Jones Skins Rumored to Release Soon

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 12th 2021

Call of Duty Vanguard has only been out for about a week and the community is already going crazy with possible crossovers that could be coming to the title. The latest set of crossovers in the game, however, point towards Vanguard Captain America and Indiana Jones skins in the future. 

Vanguard Captain America and Indiana Jones Rumored as Operators

This rumor comes from Tom Henderson of VGC and other publications who has accurately revealed information for a variety of games in the past correctly. This even includes Vanguard and the rumored Modern Warfare 2 for 2022, however, this rumor is a bit different from past ones. Unlike the other rumors that were based on the insider info from Henderson, it does look like this one might have some shakier possible sources. Henderson notes that Disney has “been in talks with Activision” for a while now about future partnerships regarding Call of Duty Vanguard. 

As part of this, it is rumored that there will be Vanguard Captain America and Indiana Jones skins in the future as a crossover with the overall Disney-owned properties. This is a huge rumor, if true, which is why we highly recommend taking one with a grain of salt. It does not help that the Vanguard Captain America and Indiana Jones rumor comes not directly from Henderson as much this time around, but indirectly via a string of code that was sent to Henderson by the CODPerseus_ Twitter account. This account is not as credible as Henderson is, so worth noting that this may not be as reliable as past leaks from the industry insider. 

Captain America and Indiana Jones Would Fit the Game Perfectly

With that said, there is still the distinct possibility that there will be a Vanguard Captain America and Indiana Jones crossover at some point in the future. This is rather exciting news as these two would likely be the very best pop culture crossovers that we could get that would fit the time period of the games. 

After all, in the past, Call of Duty’s few crossovers have mostly been around the same time period, but not necessarily always. In the case of Black Ops Cold War, for instance, the first set of crossovers were all 1980s-themed with the 80s Action Heroes event that made sense for the period of the game. However, this trend was sort of broken by the recent Haunting even when both Ghostface and Donnie Darko joined Cold War and Warzone, both of which are not even from that time period. That said, it would be nice to see Vanguard also pay homage to popular characters from the World War II setting. 

The Vanguard Captain America and Indiana Jones skins would be the way to do that, at least within the Disney properties, as both are fantastic characters that are synonymous with the time period. You would be able to take down the Nazi Zombies and other players while playing as these popular fictional World War II heroes. Captain America famously got his start during the events of World War II, becoming a super soldier due to experiments on him as a means to stop the Nazis. On the other hand, you have Indiana Jones who, while not an explicit soldier like Captain America, has had his own fair share of fighting Nazis, so he would make sense in Vanguard, too. 

Given that both Indiana Jones, via Lucasfilm, and Captain America, via Marvel, are owned by Disney, this seems like the perfect chance to bring both characters to Vanguard. They would fit in quite well with the style and setting of the games, offering the most high-profile crossovers in Call of Duty to date. 

Would They Also Have Their Own Progression?

Given that we have already seen Captain America appear in less serious games like Fortnite, it would be a nice change of pace to see The First Avenger join Call of Duty Vanguard where we can see a grittier and more serious place for the superhero to fight. It would also be interesting since Vanguard puts such an emphasis on operator skins, more so than both Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War before it. So much so that the operator leveling system is an entirely new and different leveling aspect of the game that you can progress through. 

You have the usual player level, battle pass level, and weapon levels, but there are also operator levels in this new Call of Duty game. Every single one of the 12 operators at launch have their own individual levels with different skins being unlocked for gaining enough experience with them. Presumably, any crossover characters like the rumored Vanguard Captain America and Indiana Jones operators would have a similar feature available for them. This would mean that players could potentially level up the two and unlock new skin outfits to take into battle, adding to the crossover. 

The Combat Shield Matches Captain America Perfectly

Furthermore, another interesting aspect of the operators is the fact that each one has a signature weapon that they like to wield in battle, be it the 3-Line Rifle for Polina Petrova and so on. With Captain America and Indiana Jones, they would likely have their own signature weapons to use. These weapons, when used with that operator skin, will grant bonus experience in every single match to more quickly grind their levels. With Captain America, we could easily see the combat shield be the signature weapon of his to match the fact that he is known for his shield, and that would be an interesting twist, for sure.

For Indiana Jones, this is a bit of a trickier one since there is no, well, whip in the game for him to use, but we could see his be one of the handguns as he has been known to use those many times in the past. Whatever way it would work, the rumored Vanguard Captain America and Indiana Jones crossovers certainly make a lot of sense, but it just depends on whether or not they will actually happen. If they are true, the problem with these crossovers is that there is not as much evidence for them as there is for the Attack on Titan one that we previously covered that had actual in-game files and weapon models that are able to be looked at.

If the Vanguard Captain America and Indiana Jones rumors are true, this would likely indicate that they are further off, so we would expect them in a much later season in 2022, rather than in something like season 1 that is rapidly approaching. But, for now, we will just have to wait and see as Call of Duty Vanguard has its first season coming out alongside Warzone Pacific in early December.


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