Valve Allegedly Ban CSGO Boosting Accounts

by in CS:GO | May, 3rd 2021

Valve dropping a ban on CSGO boosting accounts should have honestly happened years ago. This report comes from a player reporting that their Steam account had been permanently disabled, as it was identified as being a part of CSGO boosting. The actual information of the permanent ban was relayed via an official Steam Support message, so it’s not likely a hoax or hack. This is a serious ban too. It’s very permanent, and Valve will not be entertaining any chance of persuasion or discussion on the ban at all. If this happens to other players, we’ll know that the company is finally serious.

We recently discussed the matchfixing bans in CSGO, so it sounds like Valve and others are taking the game seriously now.

Is It Too Late?

The CSGO boosting ban apparently followed the user putting in a “forgot my password” request. The sad part is that it likely will not do too much to stop the overwhelming hacking problem in the game. It could slow this down just a little bit. A fair amount of cheaters in CSGO likely have boosted accounts, so the boosting ban could be a step in the right direction.

The player in question put in a request for a forgotten password. The player received a response they likely did not expect. You can read the full Valve response here, but here’s the major takeaway:

The account you were writing in for was identified as having its CS:GO Skill Group and/or profile level falsely increased through CS:GO matchmaking. We do not support the boosting of Skill Groups or profile levels, and as a result the account has been permanently disabled and will not be enabled in the future.

Valve was not messing about here. They made it clear that the account lock is permanent, and the player will receive no further replies about the issue. If they want to play CSGO again, the boosting player has to make a fresh Steam account thanks to the ban. Since it’s not an IP ban, the user in question can still play on a different Steam account. Hopefully, they learned their lesson.

The Valve message also had another warning, against buying, selling, or trading Steam accounts. Any account that has done these could be permanently banned as well since it goes against the Steam Subscriber Agreement. 

Banning boosting accounts has happened in DOTA 2 recently, and it sounds like Valve is cracking down on CSGO as well. Valve has admitted there’s a problem with the “Trust Factor” in CSGO, and while they plan to fix it, the game has had issues for a long time. The community at large feel very excited about this, as it will hopefully get rid of some of the problem players in CSGO. 

Others are a bit more cynical, but we’re hoping the game will have fewer cheaters and more quality, top-tier gameplay. With how expensive the coolest CSGO items are, perhaps people who see this going on will put a stop to boosting to avoid the ban in CSGO, to save their wallet if nothing else. 


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