Valorant’s Twitch Rivals Glitchcon Tournament Details Revealed

by in Valorant | Nov, 4th 2020

Sadly, there will be no Twitchcon this year. In its place will be Glitchcon, an online event. With Glitchcon there will also be a huge Twitch Rivals event, Road to Glitchcon ft. Valorant. The Valorant tournament wills tart on November 5th, with 26,264.80 dollars on the line. This promises to be a truly unique Valorant tournament, the likes we’ve not seen at an official event before. So what’s what are the Valorant Glitchcon details? We’ve got you covered.

It All Starts On. . . The Shooting Range?!

Wait, did we read that correctly? That’s right, the Road to Glitchcon tournament for Valorant include little details like this first event. We begin with a Shooting Range event, that has 4,900.80 dollars on the line. The players will gain points there, and be seeded for the first actual Valorant match. 

There will be ten players taking part in this test and will have 10 minutes to post their three best scores. The players will have unlimited attempts during the 10-minute period, at least. If they have started a skill test and the time runs out, they are permitted to complete it. If you’re curious as to the settings:

  • Speed: Hard
  • Bots: Strafe
  • Bot Armor: On
  • Infinite Ammo: On

This does mean the players will be well-prepared to do this, not that they shouldn’t already be. 

According to the announcement:

“For games 1-4, the players will be placed on teams based on their performances from the previous segment/game, and points are tallied to give the captains visibility on the best players. Once the event ends, the 4 captains will each choose 1 lucky participant to join them in the VALORANT GlitchCon showdown.”

As far as players go, we have no idea who will get the invites, but we can assume the slots will go to big-name streamers, content creators, and esports orgs. This would be a fantastic time to highlight some of those new all-female Valorant teams like Gen.G and Cloud9 White. The announcement states it will be 10 “up and coming community creators”, but it’s still anyone’s guess who got the pick. They will be vying for a pick by 4 “super Team Valorant Captains” to be picked to take part in the GlitchCon Showdown.

Coming Up Next, Standard Play!

But what comes after the shooting range tests?

A 5v5 Valorant battle, of course! This will be a Standard 5v5. After the first game (and every game after, for four games total), the players will be ranked on their Average Combat Score. The players will then be divided into teams for each subsequent game based on the ranking from the previous game. Now this sounds interesting. The teams won’t be able to prepare for synergy game after game, since the odds of things changing after every game are high. 

Here’s the map order:

  • Game 1: Bind
  • Game 2: Haven
  • Game 3: Split
  • Game 4: Icebox

Players will be receiving prizes based on each Standard game’s result. The prizing can be found on the Twitch Versus link. What’s interesting to us is that for the Standard 5v5, each player receives a flat 864.20 for winning, and 204.00 for losing. Of course, this will go down on the TwitchRivals channel on November 5th, and it all goes down at 4 PM ET (1 PM PT). Those are all the details we have for the Glitchcon Valorant Showdown. It does sound pretty exciting though! It sounds suitably chaotic and should be a real test to see how these content creators work not only with each other but ultimately against each other. 


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