Valorant’s Killjoy Turret Bug Leads to Her Being Disabled

by in Valorant | Dec, 1st 2020

Valorant bugs are pretty common when the game is patched, and it seems that update 1.13 was no exception. This time around, it seems that Killjoy’s turret ability was able to be placed underneath the map.

“You might have heard about Killjoy’s newest ability – placing turrets under the map,” Valorant said on Twitter. “Believe it or not, this update was not intended. We’ll be disabling Killjoy until we can patch this exploit.”

This bug was obviously not intended and could have had serious consequences on the game’s competitive integrity had it been left in place and not caught. Of course, the existence of tournament realms would make this a moot point altogether, but soon enough! 

How Was This Bug Discovered?

A user by the name of Vanquinx on Reddit discovered the Valorant turret bug and posted about it in a thread called “Killjoy is S Tier in Act 3.” 

“In this season killjoy may look like she has been nerfed with the turret and trap deactivating after reaching a certain distance from them,” they said, in what could almost read as a parody post if it wasn’t also pointing out a bug. “Imo I felt her role as a sentinel was to watch flanks and lock down a site, but I am so wrong. With this patch riot gave us, her role completely changed. I just wasn’t able to see the way riot wanted us to play killjoy! She is definitely an S tier on maps on haven and bind. Basically how you are supposed to play her now is just put her turret under the map!! I honestly am impressed by riot. They are seriously keeping things fresh and giving the game some razzle-dazzle. With this buff of hers, your turret can not only watch almost the entire map, but also tilt your opponents as well. This is definitely a very good buff for her. This strat has brought me up to diamond this season with ease.”

Of course, not being one to just take the opportunity to point out the bug, the user had some other ideas for abilities that are at once hilarious and frightening to consider for serious Valorant players. 

“I’m thinking maybe the next patch maybe omen could tp under the map? I feel that this under the map meta thing is the right way for the game to go. Heck let’s just give an agent no clip as an ability too,” they continued. “I also feel that running and gunning isn’t consistent enough. As of now, the only guns that you can run and gun consistently with are phantom and maybe vandal. Why stop there? I feel that the Odin should be able to do this as well.”

Some users had their own ideas on ways to get around the bug until Riot announced her being disabled.

“Just for your information until Riot fixes this nonsense, Omen can smoke the exact spot the turret shoots from to temporarily stop the turret,” they suggested. “At least you can try a rush still, other tactics probably won’t work since Omen can’t keep up those smokes forever.”

While that may have worked as a stopgap measure, at least Riot stepped up quickly and got the job done.

Riot has not yet announced a timeline for when Killjoy and her turret will be available again in Valorant, but in the past they’ve been pretty prompt about returning agents to active duty as quickly as possible following these sort of bugs. Without a tournament realm, this could have some impact on the game’s esports scene, but it’s possible that Riot allows tournaments to roll back to patch 1.12 temporarily, as they did in the NA First Strike Qualifiers. 


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