Valorant’s Jett Won’t Be Getting More Nerfs For Now

by in Valorant | Sep, 23rd 2021

In patch 3.06, Valorant’s Jett took some nerfs to her Bladestorm. While this made quite a few people happy, others think it isn’t quite enough. How good was Jett really, though? An 100% overall presence at the Valorant Masters Berlin, she was a must-play. That’s how good Jett was. She’s a force of nature, and incredibly powerful, no matter what Valorant’s devs have done to her. This duelist has had nerfs before, and Valorant players are calling for more to Jett. Don’t hold your breath, though.

Nerf Tailwind?

Jett actually took several nerfs in Valorant on Patch 3.06, that’s for sure. Cloudburst and Bladestorm both got nerfed, and it was probably for the better. Somehow, it still wasn’t enough though! These nerfs make it so she can’t right-click shotgun people down in a round, but it’s not the heart of the problem apparently. The problem tends to be how mobile she is when it comes down to it. This could be cured with some kind of balance adjustment to Tailwind, her dash ability.

Some have suggested making her only able to Tailwind the direction she’s facing, instead of just dashing wherever, making her far more mobile. The Valorant devs spoke up on Jett nerfs though – and I wouldn’t hold my breath. Now, this doesn’t mean we won’t see nerfs again ever – just not right now. Ryan Cousart, Game Designer for Valorant spoke up about this on Twitter in a recent post:

My personal take on Jett dash going only in the direction you are facing: it does not solve the core of the problem being presented and introduces input complexity, gutting the input satisfaction of one of our funnest agents. Though I think it’s a really interesting change, I’m mainly seeing high level players are asking for this and these players will be the first to trivialize this change with adaptation and their strong mechanics.

So he sees it’s not a terrible idea, but there are other issues at play when balancing agents. One thing they could consider is making gameplay in future Agents that can balance this power of Jett’s out. Ryan pointed out that balance is so important, and that the Agents ought to be healthy for the game, but to also make the characters unique. Simply deleting the offending bit isn’t always the right idea. His philosophy is to give tools to solve problems, instead of just “deleting the problems.”

Quite a few players have made suggestions on nerfs for Jett’s Tailwind in Valorant, but we aren’t going to see that anytime soon. Perhaps in a future Episode, we’ll see something like this come to life if the devs see that what they’ve done just isn’t working. For now, just plan to work around how mobile her Tailwind is.


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