Valorant’s Instant Reload Exploit Returns With a Vengeance

by in Valorant | May, 28th 2021

Valorant just can’t catch a break, with the instant reload bug coming back not even two weeks after the fix. Reload animations are key. It’s how we stop players from just running and gunning non-stop, eliminating strategy from a game altogether. The Valorant player base discovered that, through orbs on any map, you could execute an instant reload exploit in Valorant. You completely skip the animation, so you can resume opening fire at a moment’s notice. This was fixed in 2.09’s patch, but that didn’t appear to last very long.

It’s Baaaaaaack!

The return of the Valorant instant reload bug was revealed on Reddit by the user “AtmosYT” through a custom match with a few friends. The player, controlling Phantom on the Ascent map went to pick up an orb, and their gun was refilled. The amount of time you save varies from weapon to weapon, but the time saved is time you can spend gunning people down in-game. This seems to be a relatively easy exploit to trigger too.

AtmosYT had to adjust some of the settings first though. What they did was set the “interact” button to Mouse Wheel Down. Then, when standing next to an org with an empty weapon, scrolling down and hitting reload allows you to reload without waiting on any of the animations. This was supposedly fixed back in 2.09, but it doesn’t seem that way.

Now, admittedly, you can only do this next to orbs, so it may not be as flexible as last time. But the fact that the instant reload exploit still exists in Valorant is telling. Whatever they didn’t quite fix it. There’s also the chance that this was in the game already, and players didn’t notice it until the original exploit was fixed.

It doesn’t even seem to require a lot of timing. In the Reddit thread, someone comments AtmosYT is “Reloading while spamming the orb it seems” and AtmosYT just says “Exactly.” It doesn’t appear to be a new issue at all, but Riot hasn’t responded to this way of triggering it yet. The idea is that Riot Games will see it, and put a stop to it also. People will no doubt be utilizing it as long as it’s in the game, so expect some shenanigans on top of orbs for the near future in Valorant.


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