Valorant’s First Post-Release Esports Event Announced

by in Valorant | Jun, 1st 2020

Less than 24 hours are separating us from Valorant’s official release! We still don’t know when exactly the action starts, so take less than 24 hours with a grain of salt. Alongside the game’s official release, Twitch also announced a brand-new set of events accompanying Riot Games’ hyped up esports campaign. Valorant is made to succeed; it’s made to become the most popular esports title on planet Earth, which is why the first post-release Valorant event means so much. If it fuels the hype even further, we could be looking at the birth of something special!

Valorant Twitch Rivals 101

Luckily for Riot Games and everyone else involved, Twitch Rivals will be behind the first post-release Valorant event. According to the official Twitch Summer Game Fest blog post, the debut weekend will feature a set of Valorant Twitch Rivals events across the globe. These events will feature the crème de la crème of Valorant hotshots ready to battle it out against each other for a total of $200,000 in prize money. Each region will crown its champion. As for the exact prize pool distribution, we have no numbers to share with you at the moment.

Gameplay Changes for the First Post-Release Valorant Event

There will be major game changes for the first post-release Valorant event! Not only are we going to see a bunch of balancing changes all across the board, but we’ll also get one new agent and a brand-new map.

Reyna is the name of the new agent and her skillset seems rather unique. She’s representing Mexico and from what we’ve heard thus far, she’s a vampire with lifedraining skills. Here’s a quick gameplay video featuring Reyna gameplay on the new map.

As for the all-new Valorant post-release map, we know the layout, as well as the general theme, but that’s as far as our knowledge goes. Some players suggest that one of the plant sites looks a lot like the training area. If anything, we’ll be able to tell for sure in less than 24 hours!

While these gameplay changes might affect our gaming experience during the first few days, it’s unlikely to have a major impact on how the first post-release Valorant event pans out. Knowing the folks behind Twitch Rivals and Riot Games, we’re in for a spectacle!


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