Valorant’s 1.11 Patch Introduced Secret Breach Changes

by in Valorant | Nov, 3rd 2020

Goodness, Valorant’s Patch 1.11 will never stop making headlines, will it? In the never-ending list of things to come out of Patch 1.11 in Valorant, the latest is that there were secret changes made to Breach! Apparently, these somehow got lost in the shuffle and were not added to the Patch Notes. These things can happen, but it’s not a good look to have a dev point it out on Reddit after the fact. There are some people who don’t seem to think this was such a great move, but let’s talk about what went down.

Three Breach Changes:

Patch 1.11 not only introduced Charges to certain Agent abilities, but it’s also secretly dropped a trio of changes to Breach for Valorant players to be aware of. If you missed the post on Reddit, they could have really thrown you for a loop. Luckily, we’re going to make sure you’re armed. It’s just a shame that a player (Redditor oDavideo) had to point it out before the actual developers did.

Sure, this is just a series of changes that somehow could have fallen through the cracks (Oh come on, that’s funny), these are pretty relevant changes to Breach. Several players figured that Breach was functioning differently and was worried that he was somehow bugged; Riot Games has since stated these are intentional. So what was adjusted?

  • Fault Line charges 20% faster
  • Rolling Thunder casts 8m away from him
  • Fault Line casts 8m away from him

Some figure the 8m adjustment may be a bit too far for Breach, but that remains to be seen. If it’s too powerful, perhaps they’ll reel it in a bit. These changes are considered “quality of life changes that help his teammates play around his utility a little easier”, according to ryoux (Riot Games Valorant Game Developer). 

Previously, both Rolling Thunder and Fault Line both cast right in front of Breach, but now they fire off a bit further away from his character model. But this is really something that Breach players needed to know about. You go into a competitive match and fire your Ult, if the enemy happened to be right in front of you, then you’d miss! 

These are changes to Breach that patch 1.11 of Valorant introduced that you should practice with first. Gone are the days of simply being in direct contact with a wall, and stunning enemies on the other side. You’ve got to work for it a little more now. This could very well be a good thing for Breach though. The 20% increased cast time on Fault Line sounds scary, but it’s another “We will have to wait and see” change. Ideally, this will make it easier to use Breach in competitive matches, by letting him stand farther back to drop his abilities on players. 

It’s the opinion of some that Breach didn’t need these changes and that he was already frustrating to play against, but Riot Games’ data states otherwise. To them, he’s not performing up to snuff and figured these changes were warranted. Hopefully, we don’t see yet another Breach buff though. He’s already stressful to deal with. Thankfully, unprepared Breach players are seriously going to whiff and get punished. So you know, positives!


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