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Riot Games’ unique take on CSGO’s tactical shooter gameplay has fascinated esports and gaming fans from around the world in a way no one could have seen coming. Merging CSGO’s gunplay with abilities akin to those found in modern hero shooters, Valorant has proven to be a breath of fresh air. This page is your home for Valorant news with details on the upcoming release date, new maps, agent details, and more.

Latest Valorant News

Jason Parker | October 26, 2020
Valorant’s esports continues to grow and swell, despite no official Riot Games support. That doesn’t […]
Dustin Steiner | October 22, 2020
Valorant fans have long wondered if Riot Games would be adding a way for players […]
Jason Parker | October 21, 2020
Guild Esports is an org we’ve talked about a lot lately. Recently we spoke about […]
Jason Parker | October 20, 2020
As of right now, there’s no word or even a hint about a console version […]
Jason Parker | October 19, 2020
CSGO is one of the most popular esports in the world right now, but their […]
Jason Parker | October 14, 2020
Anytime we write about Valorant esports, it seems we have to preface it with “There […]
Jason Parker | October 13, 2020
What is the most important part of any online game? That’s right; it’s cosmetics! If […]
Jason Parker | October 13, 2020
Back in August 2014, a huge match-fixing scandal took place in CSGO, between iBUYPOWER and […]
Jason Parker | October 9, 2020
Just sitting in a queue for a match in Valorant can be pretty boring sometimes. […]
Dustin Steiner | October 5, 2020
One of Valorant’s biggest issues is that when players go to play Ranked, they are […]
Jason Parker | October 2, 2020
Could this be the strongest Valorant roster to show up in the scene yet? The […]
Jason Parker | September 30, 2020
This weekend, a huge tournament for Valorant is going to be popping off, thanks to […]
Jason Parker | September 23, 2020
Words and names have a lot of power. On that point, toxicity is more than […]
Dustin Steiner | September 23, 2020
Riot has pulled back the curtain on the successor to the successful Valorant Ignition Series […]
Dustin Steiner | September 21, 2020
Andbox has announced their entry into the competitive Valorant scene (the same folks that brought […]