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Riot Games’ unique take on CSGO’s tactical shooter gameplay has fascinated esports and gaming fans from around the world in a way no one could have seen coming. Merging CSGO’s gunplay with abilities akin to those found in modern hero shooters, Valorant has proven to be a breath of fresh air. This page is your home for Valorant news with details on the upcoming release date, new maps, agent details, and more.

Latest Valorant News

Jason Parker | May 20, 2021
As of last night, Sinatraa returns to Valorant on Twitch and answered some questions from […]
Cole Travis | May 18, 2021
Yesterday, sad news befell fans of Valorant’s Vision Strikers team, as their captain Glow has […]
Xan Vital | May 17, 2021
It’s been an eventful day for those following the ever-evolving situation surrounding Jay “Sinatraa” Won. […]
Dustin Steiner | May 17, 2021
Jay “Sinatraa” Won has been suspended from professional Valorant play for six months. This is […]
Xan Vital | May 17, 2021
Earlier today, Jay “Sinatraa” Won was suspended for six months from competitive Valorant in a […]
Dustin Steiner | May 17, 2021
Valorant esports website TheSpike has come into turmoil after current and former contractors for the […]
Jason Parker | May 17, 2021
Let’s be honest: Many people have really been dishing out hate and anger about Valorant’s […]
Cole Travis | May 13, 2021
Ninja told all his viewers on stream that he was quitting the Valorant esports team […]
Jason Parker | May 10, 2021
Episode 2 Act 3 of Valorant will be wild if this Replication mode is anything to go […]
Jason Parker | May 7, 2021
Smurfing is a pretty serious problem in Valorant, and it can be for a variety […]
Dustin Steiner | May 5, 2021
We’re now only days away from the beginning of the League of Legends Midseason Invitational […]
Petar Vukobrat | May 3, 2021
Here’s a bit of news no one saw coming: Riot Games plans to record Valorant […]
Jason Parker | April 28, 2021
A “Downed” mechanic may not work in traditional Valorant matches, but could it lead to […]
Jason Parker | April 28, 2021
Act 2, Episode 2 of Valorant revealed a new Agent, Astra – but is she […]
Jason Parker | April 21, 2021
While we have no idea how Riot Games found out, Team LaZe has been banned […]