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Riot Games’ unique take on CSGO’s tactical shooter gameplay has fascinated esports and gaming fans from around the world in a way no one could have seen coming. Merging CSGO’s gunplay with abilities akin to those found in modern hero shooters, Valorant has proven to be a breath of fresh air. This page is your home for Valorant news with details on the upcoming release date, new maps, agent details, and more.

Latest Valorant News

Jason Parker | July 19, 2021
The next open qualifiers for the Valorant Champions Tour are coming, and Shroud announced a […]
Jason Parker | July 16, 2021
Valorant’s Dcop was disqualified from the PAX Arena Tournament for not being a resident of […]
Petar Vukobrat | June 22, 2021
If you’re the kind of player who loves testing out patches and early builds — […]
Dustin Steiner | June 21, 2021
Natus Vincere has announced their entry into Valorant’s CIS region to sign Kirill “Cloud” Nekhozhin. […]
Jason Parker | June 21, 2021
The Valorant FaZe Academy scandal has come to light, and boy is it awful. In […]
Jason Parker | June 17, 2021
Former Overwatch pro xQc quits a recent Valorant tournament for a fascinating reason. It takes […]
Jason Parker | June 17, 2021
Following a leak yesterday afternoon, Riot has revealed Valorant’s newest Agent, KAY/0 ahead of their […]
Jason Parker | June 15, 2021
Valorant’s current ranked system isn’t fondly looked upon, and it sounds like a major reset […]
Jason Parker | June 2, 2021
Riot’s FPS Valorant has reportedly broken a player count of 14 million, and has officially […]
Jason Parker | May 28, 2021
Valorant just can’t catch a break, with the instant reload bug coming back not even […]
Jason Parker | May 20, 2021
As of last night, Sinatraa returns to Valorant on Twitch and answered some questions from […]
Cole Travis | May 18, 2021
Yesterday, sad news befell fans of Valorant’s Vision Strikers team, as their captain Glow has […]
Xan Vital | May 17, 2021
It’s been an eventful day for those following the ever-evolving situation surrounding Jay “Sinatraa” Won. […]
Dustin Steiner | May 17, 2021
Jay “Sinatraa” Won has been suspended from professional Valorant play for six months. This is […]
Xan Vital | May 17, 2021
Earlier today, Jay “Sinatraa” Won was suspended for six months from competitive Valorant in a […]