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Riot Games’ unique take on CSGO’s tactical shooter gameplay has fascinated esports and gaming fans from around the world in a way no one could have seen coming. Merging CSGO’s gunplay with abilities akin to those found in modern hero shooters, Valorant has proven to be a breath of fresh air. This page is your home for Valorant news with details on the upcoming release date, new maps, agent details, and more.

Latest Valorant News

Jason Parker | December 8, 2021
That’s right, two weapon skins in Valorant cleared $15 million, thanks to the Champions bundle. That is […]
Pavo Jurkic | November 15, 2021
We’re less than 24 hours away from new Valorant agent Chamber being released. The release […]
Jason Parker | November 2, 2021
The Twitch salary leak allegedly revealed a money laundering scandal coming out of the Turkish […]
Sebastian Lubbers | October 21, 2021
Women’s Valorant has seen a lot of activity and excitement due to the recent conclusions […]
Sebastian Lubbers | October 20, 2021
It’s very seldom that video games observe holidays outside of their country of origin, especially […]
Sebastian Lubbers | October 20, 2021
After suspending Valorant’s NA LCQ last week due to ongoing issues coming from server issues, […]
Sebastian Lubbers | October 14, 2021
UPDATE: It doesn’t seem like things are going to get any better for NA LCQ […]
Sebastian Lubbers | October 13, 2021
With Valorant Champions slated for December, the VCT LCQ have become a hot contest for […]
Jason Parker | October 12, 2021
It may be time for Valorant to look at what other shooters are doing right […]
Sebastian Lubbers | October 5, 2021
The VCT: Game Changers finals concluded over the weekend, bringing some surprising results in the […]
Sebastian Lubbers | September 30, 2021
VCT: Game Changers has sparked a lot of interest among organizations looking to capitalize on […]
Sebastian Lubbers | September 29, 2021
After G2’s impressive win against ‘rivals’ Sentinels in the playoffs stage of VCT Masters: Berlin, […]
Sebastian Lubbers | September 28, 2021
With the conclusion of Valorant Champions Tours (VCT) Masters: Berlin, women’s Valorant in North America […]
Sebastian Lubbers | September 28, 2021
Japan’s entry into professional Valorant has excited fans who were always curious about Japan’s involvement in the […]
Sebastian Lubbers | September 27, 2021
With VCT Game Changers less than a week away, organizations are scouting the women’s Valorant […]