Valorant Will Tell You If Someone You Report Gets Banned

by in Valorant | Jul, 2nd 2020

How about some good news from Ninja, that isn’t riddled in drama or silliness? We knew you’d like that. He posted on Twitter that Valorant will send you a message when a player you report has been banned. It will also show you the banned user’s ID, so you will know specifically which person has been cheating and got caught.

This is amazing news! As someone who reports often in League of Legends, you never know which person you reported got punished or what happened. This isn’t a revolutionary move, but it sure is a nice one, that I hope they put across their games platform.

It Isn’t New, But It Is Awesome

For example, Rocket League lets you know when someone you report has been dealt with. Honestly, it’s one of the best things I’ve seen in an online game. There are so many people who are toxic, who cheat, or are in general, just awful people. Before they had anonymity – we had no idea who we reported was dealt with. That creates general unease that one of the worse players was still lurking, ruining other people’s games.

So the knowledge that the Valorant dev team/player support team hear you, and are punishing these people just feels good. We can only hope that the Riot Games team push this over to League of Legends also. So when you report a player, and Valorant bans them, you’re going to know. Perhaps this won’t cut down on cheating, but it will show us, the players, that the game’s team hears us, and is working to make the game fair and balanced (from a cheating standpoint) more than ever.

Should cheaters be shamed, and have it known they were cheating? 100% yes! If we could get global tweets about people cheating, I’d be 100% on board with that too! If you’re doing something shady and gross, you should definitely be punished. It might sound extreme, but if they weren’t cheating, they wouldn’t get banned in the first place.

All told, I’m really glad about this news to have come out. I look forward to seeing reports wind up with people being banned, provided they actually cheated and deserved the ban. Be advised, cheaters! If someone catches you and drops a report, don’t be surprised if your player account catches a ban hammer!


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