Valorant Wallhack Glitch Shows Players Enemy Locations

by in Valorant | Feb, 10th 2021

“I’ve got the bug, I see him! Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek exclaimed in a recent Valorant stream. “The bug” refers to a wallhack glitch in Valorant that lets him see the enemy team, and it sounds like it’s something that pops up fairly frequently. Apparently, this has been happening all the time since the launch of the latest update (2.02). If it’s been happening to Shroud, how many other players are seeing this, and abusing it to get free kills and potential wins? Now that Shroud is spending more time with Valorant than CSGO, it’s interesting to see something like this happen. We’re glad he brought this glitch to light though. It definitely needs fixing.

Wallbanging/Stalking Made Easy (By Accident)

Shroud wasn’t even playing an Agent that had the ability to peek at other players! He was on Haven, playing Yoru, and was easily able to see every move an opponent made. He’d even call them out, blowing the mind of his followers. Since this is something that is happening in the game, without hacks, he’s likely got zero fear of repercussions. You can’t punish someone for something your game is doing to a player after all. In the stream, Shroud is afflicted with this bug, and it leads to his team devastating the other side.

On Shroud’s stream, he suddenly just has access to what another player is doing on the mini-map. It’s easy to get behind him, follow that player until they felt safe, and took care of business. HIs team breaking into gales of laughter, it really just started happening. It’s not like Shroud is someone without integrity, either. If he says it’s just happening, then that’s what’s going out, we think.

How are you supposed to not use information that’s suddenly on your screen? If you, despite doing nothing to trigger it, can now see where your opponent is, are you going to use it, or pretend you don’t see it? Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to use it. It would be disingenuous to say otherwise. It sounds like it could lead to players being accused of cheating (despite it being Riot Games’ fault). This apparently happens to Shroud all the time, at least, since Patch 2.02 dropped.

Not every Agent should be Cypher. There’s no way that Riot Games doesn’t know about the Valorant Wallhack Glitch yet. There just isn’t. Depending on how far along 2.03 is, we may not see a fix in the next patch. We hope so, but while we’re glad that Shroud brought this to life, it does come with a problem. It means that there’s no end in sight to players suddenly having access to your location, and without purchasing hacks.

After perusing the 2.02 Megathread, it’s been mentioned, but there’s no clear reason on how or why it works. We’ll just have to keep an eye on Riot Games to see if 2.03 is going to have a fix, or perhaps a fix before that, in a hotfix. For now though, beware: enemy players can just apparently see you out of nowhere, even if they aren’t playing Cypher.


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