Valorant Wallbang Bug Has Players Seriously Concerned

by in Valorant | Aug, 19th 2020

Wallbang, at least to this writer, is a relatively new term. But what is it, in regards to Valorant? Wallbang is the ability to kill opponents through the game’s geometry. In theory, specific structures/walls should obey rules regarding whether or not they block bullets completely, or merely slow them down. However, the Wallbang bug in Valorant changes all of this, as it lets bullets go through impenetrable walls and still damage players.

Impenetrable? Not On This Bug’s Watch

This was discussed on Reddit by Quarkez, and this has quite a few players very concerned about Valorant. Depending on the weapon used, you can shoot through the scenery and inflict damage (more or less than intended). The scenery in Valorant more or less obeys real-life physics. In terms of protection, it’s steel, stone, wood, plastic, grass, and you know, stuff like paper, we guess.

There are also supposed to be completely impenetrable walls. When you shoot at them, they leave huge bullet holes in them. The walls that leave smaller holes implies that the wall did not absorb the impact, but instead passed right through.

Quarkez has done some tests and states that some walls aren’t as impenetrable as they should be. It’s not the strength of the wall that matters; it’s the agent’s hitbox and texture. By sticking a wall as much as possible, a character will have a part of their body fit into that opening. Even if the wall can’t be penetrated, the agent still takes damage! That’s the crux of the Valorant Wallbang bug.

From there, Valorant sees that the bullet will go into the wall, and the character by it will take damage in the same way. That’s not the only problem. The way the game calculates damage in a way that frankly, doesn’t seem to make sense. In the Valorant wallbang bug, the wall that’s supposed to protect the player has no protection or resistance to go with it! Ergo, there’s no damage reduction, and the player, who was hiding behind a wall that can’t be broken, takes full damage anyway.

Long story short, the target’s character model will clip through the object in question, and if the other player is shooting at you, you’ll take full damage from it. One example given of normal play is on Ascent. There’s a spot where you can play Odin in the garage on the way to site B. It’s a thin wall, so you can shoot right through when people get greedy.

But there are other objects, walls, boxes, etc., that are supposed to be immune to bullet fire. It’s a shame that the devs didn’t find this sooner. We have no word on whether or not this will be addressed. You simply have to be careful, because none of the walls can truly be relied on to defend you from a player who knows you’re there.


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